Year of the Goat: Dressing The Goat in Your Life

Year of the Goat: Dressing The Goat in Your Life

Chinese New Year kicked off on February nineteenth this year and ushered in the Year of the Goat (though sometimes you’ll hear it referred to as the Year of the Sheep). We’ve given advice before on ways to dress or accessorize the western zodiac, so we figured that with an entire year ahead you may want to know how to style the goat in your midst. While most of these style tips are specific to the Jan Leslie man, we think you’ll also find that a number of them cross easily into the style world of the softer sex.

To Begin With, the Goat Has Lucky Colors

If you or somebody you know is born in the Year of the Goat, then you’re actually fairly blessed when it comes to what qualifies as your lucky colors. The goat’s lucky colors are brown, red and purple. Trust us when we say that we’ve done the research and some of the lucky colors for other animals in the Chinese zodiac are far less workable. Having a brown in the mix means that your goat can always default to a warm, neutral style. However, the red and purple provide plenty of options for the goat to be bold with accessories, accent pieces or even shirts.

Topaz Cufflinks by Jan LeslieOur Pick: Accent Brown with Jan’s Smokey Faceted Topaz Cufflinks

While the goat has three lucky colors, you can’t miss if you choose to purchase a brown set of cufflinks for him. After all, brown is a neutral color that he can wear with anything. The rich dark yellow and brown hues of topaz gemstone are even deeper when they’re faceted, and this particular gemstone has a smoky element to it that makes it feel warmer and more pigmented. These sterling silver cufflinks with smoky topaz gemstones are an ideal match for any fall or winter look as well as for summer evenings under the stars.

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However, Your Goat Won’t Want to be Too Flashy

Goats by nature are calm and gentle when it comes to the Chinese zodiac. That means they would never want to appear too aggressive by wearing something that’s over-the-top or has too much bling to it. When styling your goat, you’ll want to keep in mind that he (or she) doesn’t really want to stand out in the crowd too much. That would be garish and even a bit too alpha for the peace-loving goat. Stick to looks and accessories that are well-crafted and designed but not too dramatic. Though you will want to value a certain level of uniqueness because…

Goats are Naturally Creative

Despite their sensitive natures (or possibly because of them) goats tend to be rich in creativity and you’ll often see them gravitate to creative fields like art and music. That means that they also value the creativity of others. Particularly when picking out accessories for the goat, that means that you can look for items that, while still not overly ornate, include an element of creativity in their design and execution.

Don’t Forget the Flowers

The goat’s lucky flowers are carnations and primrose. While the occasions where a flower in the lapel are appropriate will be few and far between, there are a number of opportunities to incorporate the scent on your goat. After all, who doesn’t want to smell lucky!

Photo Credit: ILRI via Flickr

Year of the Goat: Dressing The Goat in Your Life
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Year of the Goat: Dressing The Goat in Your Life
Do you have a year of the goat man in your life? We have tips on how to style and dress him based on his goat characteristics.