Being Bold with Black and White Accents: Ways to Make Black and White Pop

“There’s something strange and powerful about black and white imagery.” Stefan Kanfer

Black and White Style Tips

We don’t live in a black and white world, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t make a statement with classic black and white cuff links, ties, pocket squares or even lapel pins. How do you take style to the next level and rejuvenate black and white? Here are five style tips to take you from boring to bold.


Contrast Your Shirt. Create a look for defined contrast by choosing accessories that contrast your shirt. For white shirts, select bold black cuff links that are large enough to stand out. For black shirts, select a white cuff link in a smaller size for a touch of negative space.

Pair with Red. Nothing creates a more powerful color combination than black, white and red. Pair a red tie with black and white cuff links or a shirt with contrasting cuff links. For a less traditional look, pair a black and white print tie with red cuff links.


Go Big With Hardware. A black or white cuff link can look bold or it can look understated. The style is really determined by you. To tip the scale toward the “bold” end, select cuff links with larger hardware, including thick edges or additional metal accent pieces.


Go Checkered. One of our favorite tips for a bold black and white accent is to embrace the geometric pattern of a checkerboard. Whether you pair this with a white shirt, a black shirt or a bold print shirt, your attention to detail is sure to make a statement.


Streamlined Monochrome. Sometimes using only one color can make an even bolder statement the pairing colors together. Pair a matching tie, shirt and cufflink in all black or all white for a style that they’ll notice. You look put together, because you are.


Black and white doesn’t need to be old movie romantic or newspaper bland. The right combination of black and white clothing and accessories can be as bold as the brightest color.


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