Five Ways to Incorporate Red and Pink Into Your Style

Five Ways to Incorporate Red and Pink Into Your Style

For some, Valentine’s Day means a motivation to wear black every day. We hope that that’s not you and that you’re hoping to embrace the spirit of the holiday and add some splashes of pink and red to your style palette. But for men, sometimes the challenge of pink or red isn’t as obvious. And you know that we’re certainly not advising you to go with the theme pink tie with red hearts! So how do you incorporate red and pink into your look? Here are our favorite five ways.

The Red Power Tie: Valentine’s Colors Meet Office Politics

If you want to sport the colors of the season but don’t necessarily want to stand out too much from the crowd, make February the month of the red power tie. You’ll get double benefit here. Not only are you embracing the most famous color of the season, but you’re also making a bold statement about your personality type in the office. Power tie or Cupid’s target? Nobody needs to know which scenario it is except for you.

The Pink Shirt: It Looks Good Every Time

We’re a fan of the pink shirt on men any time of the year, but at Valentine’s Day it takes on an extra level of meaning and appropriateness. We like a pink shirt paired with a black jacket or with a warmer colored sweater. Especially if you’re not a man who wears pink often, it’s an obvious way to embrace the season. And, you may even find that you adore wearing pink and begin to use it more liberally in your everyday looks.

Whimsical Cufflinks: The Place to Embrace Fun

Naturally, we think the ideal place to express your Valentine’s Day joy is on your cuffs. From tiny hearts to Cupid’s arrows to flowers to simply incorporating the Valentine’s Day color palette, if you love it put it on your cuff. Not only are whimsical cufflinks a fun way to remind yourself of the playful spirit of the holiday, but they’re also great conversation starters if you’re still looking for your perfect Valentine’s Day love.

Devil Heart and Horn Cufflinks by Jan LeslieOur Pick: Jan Leslie Devil Horn Heart Cufflinks

Is he a romantic at heart but with a bit of a bad boy side? Then these heart-shaped cufflinks with tiny devil horns are the perfect whimsical Valentine’s Day accessory for him. Crafted in 925 sterling silver with an anti-tarnish rhodium finish, the cufflinks are completed with shiny red enamel to make them perfect for Valentine’s Day and any day that he wants to wear his naughty heart on his sleeve … literally.

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Throw Back Bow Ties: Chivalry and Playfulness in a Tie

We don’t want to give you the impression that we think that Valentine’s Day is the only good time to wear a bowtie. But the playful nature and embracement of bright colors of the holiday makes the dapper gentleman nature of the bowtie particularly appropriate. Pick one on a seasonal color and pair it with a smile and a wink. You’ll spread the love and possibly even attract some!

Jan Leslie Valentine's Bow TiesOur Pick: The Jan Leslie Signature Turquoise Frog Bow Tie

Around Valentine’s Day, we adore anything that reminds people that it only takes one kiss to turn a frog into a prince. And of course we also love the whimsical bright colors that Valentine’s Day often inspires. Combine both of those elements and you get Jan’s signature frog bow tie, hand woven in Cuomo, Italy from playful turquoise silk. Put on a bow tie and see what develops. We promise that it will be fun.

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A Flower in the Pocket: Break Up the Winter with a Holiday Flair

Gift bouquets aren’t the only place that a pink or red carnation can be the winning touch during February. Throw one into your pocket or lapel each day of the season. You’ll bring the cheer and all of the good parts of the season to anybody who sees you. A fun touch is to end your day by giving the flower to somebody on the street to brighten up their Valentine’s Day season.

Photo Credit: Der Wunderbare Mandarin via Flickr

Five Ways to Incorporate Red and Pink Into Your Style
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Five Ways to Incorporate Red and Pink Into Your Style
If he wants to celebrate Valentine’s Day by working some fun red and pink into his style, we have four tips on great ways to do it.