Go Under the Sea … with Cufflinks

Under the Sea: Ocean Inspired Cufflinks

Summertime is a time of tropical vacations. Think snorkeling and scuba diving – or even just going out on a boat and being near the beautiful (and colorful) creatures of the sea. It’s a feeling you want to embrace in the summer and then capture and keep with you all year long. Today, we’re featuring our five favorite ocean-inspired cufflinks to pair with looks from topical light to business-fun to after-five playful.

Blue Tropical Fish Cufflinks

Blue Tropical Fish Cufflinks


Live Outside of the Fish Bowl

Be bold. Instead of being the fish swimming in circles, be the bright fish with an individual streak. These vibrant blue tropical fish cuff links aren’t designed to be in a tank. They’re designed to get noticed in the world.

– Crafted from 925 sterling silver

– Hand-painted bold blue enamel for distinctive detail


Enamel Moving Sea Turtle Cufflinks

Sea Turtle Cufflinks


How Tough Are You?

The sea turtle is known for its longevity and toughness. You too can show your love for these grand creatures with these colorful cufflinks.

– Set in 925 sterling silver with an anti-tarnish rhodium finish.

– Features hand-painted enamel for distinctive detail.


Colorful Octopus Cufflinks

Octopus Cufflinks


Eight is Enough

These colorful cuff links add a touch of deep sea flair to any suit or formal wear.

– Crafted from premium 925 sterling silver.

– Feature hand-painted enamel for colorful detail.


Enamel Whale Cufflinks

Whale Cufflinks


A Whale of a Style Choice

Whether you’re making a statement about your net worth or your love of wildlife,these cuff links finish any suit off perfectly.

– Set in 925 sterling silver with an anti-tarnish rhodium finish.

– Features hand-painted enamel for distinctive detail.

– A perfect match when accented with a blue tie or pocket square.


Treasure Ship Cufflinks

Treasure Ship Cufflinks


The Quest is Yours to Embrace

These treasure ship cufflinks are assured to do one thing: take your mind away from the mundane and to a world of adventure and pirates and treasure every time that you look down at your cuffs. If that isn’t ultimately what we all need several times during the work day, then we’re not sure what is! Intricately crafted for minute detail with a silver base and mother-of-pearl gemstone sails.

– Crafted in 925 sterling silver

– Inlaid sails with genuine mother-of-pearl



Photo Credit: Jenny Pansing