U.S. Open Style Inspiration: Our Favorite Tennis Icons Lookbook

We admit it. We’re tennis addicts. We follow the entire Grand Slam tour – and we don’t mean just the players but also the player and celebrity fashion. Of course, since we’re New York natives, the U.S. Open holds a special place in our hearts. To celebrate one of our favorite sporting events (and style events) of the year, we’re counting down our five favorite celebrity tennis style icons of all time.

Number Five: Billie Jean King

Billie Jean King: Tennis Icon

We know that she won’t be on everybody’s list, but the single most stylish thing that anybody can do is to be one hundred percent authentic to who they are. Billie Jean King was trailblazing and doing just that long before it became a trendy thing to do. In fact, she was doing it when it was an unbelievably difficult thing to do. Even though she may not be working the post-match press conferences in designer tags, we couldn’t create this list without her on it.

Number Four: Andre Agassi

Andre Agassi: Tennis Hair Icon

The hair, the hair! But obviously this man was so much more than his hair. He embraced everything that was over-the-top and amazing about eighties and nineties fashion. But perhaps the style choice that we love the most from Andre Agassi is that once his signature hair began to fail him, he went for the smooth sophistication of baldness. And it looked fantastic on him! Agassi was always a thrill to watch play, and it wasn’t just because of his looks. A true style pioneer who didn’t play by the rules of tennis whites.

Number Three: Anna Kournikova

Anna Kournikova: Tennis Style Icon

We can’t deny that her tennis skills aren’t top notch – though let’s not forget that she had an entirely respectable professional career. But this is a list of tennis style icons, and when it comes to the visual of a tennis player, Anna Kournikova is the icon. She played hard, but it was her stunning beauty that captured the world. And that’s OK. You can have grit and beauty and it’s fine if one gets more attention than the other. You just need to know who you are on the inside.

Number Two: Roger Federer

Roger Federer: Tennis Style Icon

Any man who both prefers the classic tennis whites to anything more modern and has his own line of Rolex designs is a style icon in our books. But Roger Federer doesn’t just bring his style to the court and the screen. He’s dressed to impress no matter where he is, always cutting a refined look in well-tailored lines. There’s a reason that women swoon for him and men want to emulate him. It’s not about the trophies, it’s about the impeccable style.

Number One: Serena Williams

Serena Williams: Tennis Style Icon

Was this ever a doubt? On the court of off the court, nobody controls her image and style like Serena Williams. And we mean nobody. The fact that she’s the greatest athlete of a generation just adds to the luster.

U.S. Open Style Inspiration: Our Favorite Tennis Icons Lookbook
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U.S. Open Style Inspiration: Our Favorite Tennis Icons Lookbook
We count down our favorite professional tennis players who left a mark on the game and the style playbook.
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