Summer Tribal: Taking Festival Style to Urban Chic with Jan Leslie

Summer is here, and from Coachella to Burning Man and everywhere in between, that means an uptick in on-trend tribal styles for him (and her). But you don’t have to be grooving to the music to capture bohemian tribal. We have five quick tips for incorporating tribal style into everyday urban looks. Whether it’s to capture of-the-moment fashion or to wistfully remember days spent freely at festivals instead of confined to an office or board room, these five tips can add a tribal touch to any suited-up look.

Tip Number One: Sometimes It’s What’s Underneath

Any by underneath we mean “on the skin.” Of course the most obvious way to state his tribal style is with a tribal tattoo. Now, we will give you a few warnings. Firstly, not all suited-up jobs will love his tattoo, so choose location wisely. Secondly, avoid some of the cliché and overdone tribal tattoos. We think that you’re fashion-forward enough to know exactly which ones we mean. Instead, do some research. Find a great tattoo artist and work with him or her to develop a custom design that captures his tribal nature and his individual personality. Then put that tattoo where only he will know that it is!

Tip Number Two: Shake Things Up With a Tribal Print

While the suited day may not provide an opportunity for a tribal print access piece, casual Friday or after-five events do. He can “go big” with a tribal print shirt, but we prefer a more subtle accent. Consider completing a look with a tribal print scarf or tie. For an extra pop of tribal meets city streets, have a custom tribal-print pocket square created to finish a formal look.

Tip Number Three: Vintage Leather and Accent Pieces

No matter what time of day or look it is, a piece of vintage leather can add a tribal feel. The most obvious solution is to accent any ensemble with a vintage or found-leather belt, but there are other options as well. Consider a bag, glasses case or even table or notebook cover. The key to tribal leather is worn leather. It’s a warm look that also says “lover of things that are a little dirtier.”

Tip Number Four: Can His Hair Go There?

Wild child, longer tribal hair isn’t appropriate for every man or every situation, but it’s certainly an option for keeping his tribal nature alive and on the surface if he’s forced to suit up every day.

Tip Number Five: And, Of Course! The Bracelets

We’re obviously somewhat bias, but we think a luxury tribal bracelet is the perfect way to combine summer festival style with urban chic. Here are our five favorites.

Shell and Brass Bracelet

Tribal Style for Him: Shell and Brass BraceletCapture the tribal feel of a found-object beach bracelet with the intentional feel of an urban design. This brass and shell bracelet features wider beading for a hint of an industrial feel as well as an elastic base for a continuous look with no closure hardware needed. It’s an ideal way to incorporate a casual hint to a suited up look or to add an edge to any daywear look.

Indonesian Beaded Bracelet

Tribal Style for Him: Indonesian Bead BraceletIndonesian beads are famous for their handmade quality that leaves each one a different shape and size than the next. Embody this uniqueness with a refined men’s bracelet that makes for a cool, laidback addition to any cuff.


African Beaded Tribal Bracelet

Tribal Style for Him: African BraceletWear a sign of your global travels on your sleeve. This multicolored men’s bracelet is handcrafted with African vinyl and brass beads. Bright, earthy shades amplify its already exotic feel.


Black Lava Stone Bracelet

Tribal Style for Him: Lava Stone BraceletLava becomes cool with this sleek men’s bracelet. Handcrafted with stone extracted from an open-air quarry, this conversation-starter is an unexpected, chic addition to any daytime or evening look. A casual man’s bracelet for suited up or dressed down accents.

Leather and Gemstone Bracelet

Tribal Style for Him: Leather and Gemstone BraceletWhether donning a suit or casual look, hint at your eternally laidback vibe with this simple leather bracelet. Handwoven with sleek, sturdy onyx or tiger’s eye beads, this monochromatic accessory will show others that you don’t life too seriously.


Summer Tribal: Taking Festival Style to Urban Chic with Jan Leslie
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Summer Tribal: Taking Festival Style to Urban Chic with Jan Leslie
Tribal style for men doesn't have to mean "at a music festival." Tribal tips for him for accenting day looks from Jan Leslie.
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