Cufflinks for Her? The Tailored Trend for Women is Propelling Winter Looks

We’re somewhat obviously avid watchers of both the men’s and women’s seasonal runway shows here. This season’s fall/winter collections had trends we may have side-eyed (the return of the eighties – again – and the refusal of boho to disappear). But there were other trends that made us sit up and take notice. We loved a focus on bold prints and bolder jewelry. However, the trend that we’re most excited about and have been wearing this season is the tailored look for women. Classic, elegant and flattering on every woman’s body. And, of course, we know just how to accessorize this look!

What Exactly Is a Tailored Look for Women?

It goes without saying that a well-tailored piece of clothing looks great on anybody and sends a very clear message about how seriously you take your responsibility to look put together. That’s as true of a formal dress as it is an outdoor coat. But specifically this season’s tailored trend for women is menswear inspired. Sleek jackets and suits with an edge, and often with an entire three-piece ensemble. The look is still feminine, it’s just powerful feminine.

Where Was This Look on the Runway?

The bigger question may be – where wasn’t this on the runway? Almost any designer that we’re passionate about having in our closet was showing a menswear-inspired tailored look for her. Some of our favorites included …

Alexander Wang Boyfriend BlazerMarc Jabobs: Tailored and menswear inspired has always been a hallmark look for Jacobs, but his 2015 suits took a sexy spin on the concept. These suits could easily be considered “night out” wear rather than office wear. We were smitten.

The Alexander Wang Boyfriend Blazer: This jacket is a little on the boxier side rather than a sleek tailored feel, but that’s because it’s inspired by a real boyfriend’s blazer! The look is equal parts casual and tailored with a reminder of sexy thrown in as well. We don’t have one yet. We must have one.

The Iris and Ink Cotton-Twill Sleeveless Blazer: Operating as both a vest and a blazer, this classic UK brand feels tailored and feminine at the same time.

What She Needs In Her Closet to Capture the Menswear-Inspired Tailored Look

She doesn’t need to hit the runways to capture the menswear-inspired tailored look, though. There are plenty of off-the-rack pieces that can get her there. What she does need is the essential pieces to complete the style. For a great tailored look, pair the following together.

  • One pencil skirt
  • One crisply collared white shirt
  • One fitted blazer
  • An amazing pair of heels

The key, of course, is in the world “tailored.” Fit is everything with this style. Even the most on-trend pieces won’t capture the feel of the style if they’re not properly fitted. The reality is that very few items that aren’t simply custom made will give a true tailored fit. Whichever pieces she purchases to create this look, the answer to mastering it is in a trip to a tailor for a perfect-seam fit.

Accessorizing for Fun: Ties and Cufflinks

Of course, we think everybody should accessorize every look! But the menswear-inspired tailored look for her opens up an entire range of fun possibilities. Throw a necktie into the mix for a dash of color and a statement of style. At the end of the day, though, we know that women love jewelry. The menswear-inspired look excites us most of all because it provides an opportunity for women to embrace the playful luxury of the Jan Leslie collection. We’ve hand-curated our favorite cufflink ideas for women, but here are a few of our favorites.

Enamel Bee Hive Cufflinks for the Queen Bee

Bee Hive Cufflinks for WomenThese sterling silver honeycomb-shaped cufflinks have intricate, hand-painted enamel details in black and yellow for an artistic hive interpretation for the busy bee in your life. Jan’s iconic bee cufflinks are a corner stone of her collection, but this new, unique and artistic take on them is truly a new direction for his accessories. Shop It >> 

Feminine Florentine Patterned Cufflinks

Florentine Patterned Cufflinks for WomenYou can be classically styled and embrace the joy of vibrant bold colors all at once. All you need to do is select these unique English enamel cufflinks as your accessory. A round sterling silver button cufflink is painted with pigmented English enamels in one of six colors in a minutely detailed, flowing and ornate Florentine pattern. Shop It >> 

Hand-Carved Gemstone Rose Cufflinks

Rose Cufflinks for WomenWhen you’re looking to up the romance, these delicate floral cuff links are ideal. Detail is everything. These cufflinks are ideal for weddings or simply for the woman who likes the sweeping idea of precision romance. Shop It >> 




Cufflinks for Her? The Tailored Trend for Women is Propelling Winter Looks
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Cufflinks for Her? The Tailored Trend for Women is Propelling Winter Looks
Cufflinks for women? Yes! The tailored look for her is on-trend and ready to be accessorized. Style advice from Jan Leslie.