Summer Vacation Packing Tips for Him: Staying Styled While Traveling Light

Summer Vacation Packing Tips for Him

The heart of summer vacation season is here. For many, the summer months finally provide an opportunity to find a few days (or a few weeks if you’re exceptionally lucky) to sneak away and get some much needed relaxation, sunshine and re-charge time. But it also means that it’s time to pack. Especially in the era of carry-on baggage, that can be a challenge for the less organized among us. Fortunately, we’ve got some tips to keep you well-packed and well-styled. (And ladies, some of these can apply to you as well!)

Tip One: Neutral Bottoms and a Variety of Shirts

If you’re trying to get more styles out of fewer packed items, remember that typically the difference in your look is created via your shirt. That means that, unless you’re planning a vacation that has you crawling through mud and dirt daily, you can pack one or two neutral color pair of paints and a variety of shirts to change up your look. If you want to reduce packing even further, keep both the shirts and pants neutral and pack a variety of colorful ties and accessories for changing up your look.

Tip Two: Fall In Love … With Wrinkle Free

We all know that the nicest clothing options are going to require some dry cleaning or even ironing to look their best. But do you really want to be spending your vacation time tracking down a dry cleaner or ironing? Let’s be honest – do you even want to take the time to call the hotel concierge service to deal with sending shirts out for steaming? You do not, because you are on vacation and that is about total relaxation. Instead, do some brief shopping before you leave on vacation and make a point of buying pants and shirts that are designed to be wrinkle free. They are likely not going to be your favorite shirts to wear every day of your regular life, but they are going to make your vacation much, much easier.

Collar Stays for Summer TravelTip Three: Don’t Forget the Collar Stays

Unless you have magical abilities, it’s going to be very hard to pack collared shirts without some trauma occurring to the collars themselves. Not to worry, you simply need to make sure that you’ve also packed a thin and unobtrusive set of collar stays. No matter what condition your collar is in when you take the shirt out of your bag, a set of collar stays will return it to a crisp, stiff collar that looks perfectly put together and not at all rumpled.

Tip Four: Think Classics, Not Trends

If you’re looking for ways to pack less and also to be sure that you’ll still love the way you look in vacation photos years from now, stay away from colors and styles that are part of a seasonal trend and instead opt for classic looks. You don’t necessarily have to go entirely throwback to the era of gentlemen, but stick to tailored lines and traditional colors that won’t date your photo or your style. How many of us have unfortunate photos in neon left over from the eighties and nineties? You’d like to avoid that legacy.

Tip Five: Don’t Go Over-Casual

It’s vacation, and we want you to be comfortable. But you can be (and look) comfortable without looking messy. Don’t pack your most threadbare t-shirts and sports shorts even though they may be your ultimate relaxing-wear. Pack the slightly upgraded versions of these, and don’t forget to accessorize! A well-placed bracelet or even a scarf can have you still comfortable while also showing you have a style IQ.