Summer Staff Picks: What The Jan Leslie Team is Loving for Sunny Days

If you live in a four season environment north of the equator, chances are you are finding your joy right now as the days get longer, sunnier and warmer. For both men and women, that means a shift to a wardrobe of brighter colors and, dare we say it, fun pieces. Gone are the heavy layers and dark neutrals. In are the beach-ready or beach-dreaming styles. What is the Jan Leslie team loving from our spring/summer collection (as well as some past classics) this summer? Here are our favorite five summer looks for him.

Whimsical Gumball Machine Cufflinks

Summer Gumball Cufflinks by Jan LeslieThe newest addition to the Jan Leslie collection, these detailed gumball machine cufflinks were an ongoing challenge to produce. But the effort was worth it as they’re now unquestionably our new favorites. The bring back the carefree feeling of summers at the boardwalk or in a more innocent time when soda was served at a counter and gumballs were a delicious treat. The gumballs themselves combine vibrant colors with summery shades that aren’t too over-done. For the true essence of summer nostalgia, we can’t say enough about these.

Summer Popsicle Cufflinks

Summer Popsicle Cufflinks by Jan LeslieThese enamel and sterling silver popsicle cufflinks in three playful and summer-bright colors are part of Jan’s ongoing collection, but every summer we’re reminded of just how much we adore them and the seasonal spirit that they capture. What’s a better memory from summers past than the sweet stickiness of a popsicle stolen from the freezer? Capture that “kid at heart” feeling with an artistically detailed luxury accessory that never forgets that the essence of summer is sweet, cold and forbidden!

Blue Lapis Wave Cufflinks

Blue Summer Wave Cufflinks by Jan LeslieSurfs up this summer! We can’t lie, there’s a part of us that will always associate summer with oceans, waves and brightly colored surf boards. These lapis button cufflinks in a deep shade of ocean blue feature a laser-cut sterling silver wave design on top of them. We love these when paired with a white suit for a true beach look, but they’re equally appealing for daily wear for any man whose heart is breaking with the waves while his body is trapped in a loop of summer in the city. If you’re not hitting the beach this summer, consider taking its icon with you with these invocative cufflinks.

Multicolored Beaded Men’s Bracelet

Summer Tribal Bracelet by Jan LeslieSummer means the onset of summer musical festivals, and with them a decidedly tribal style. That style doesn’t need to be limited to old jeans, dirty hair and bare feet though. Take tribal style to an urban and daywear place with the Jan Leslie bracelet collection. We’ve selected this multicolored beaded bracelet because of its versatility, but there’s a look in the bracelet collection for every type of man. You don’t need to be dressed casually to accessorize casually. Pair this bracelet with a suited look for a nontraditional twist on accent pieces.

Binocular Cufflinks with Mother of Pearl Lenses

Summer Vacation Cufflinks by Jan LeslieWhat’s more inspiring during the work day than thoughts of an exotic summer vacation trip? These cufflinks harken back to memories (or future dreams) of safaris, jungle bird watching or even view searching from the top of a mountain. Look far into the future and see yourself on an epic trip with vas vistas to visually explore. Then manifest and remind yourself of that past or future trip with these playful yet detailed cufflinks.

Summer Cufflink Collection by Jan Leslie

Summer Staff Picks: What The Jan Leslie Team is Loving for Sunny Days
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Summer Staff Picks: What The Jan Leslie Team is Loving for Sunny Days
From cufflinks to bracelets, see what summer styles for him the Jan Leslie team is in love with.
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