What His Summer Shorts Say About Him

What His Summer Shorts Say About Him


Summer fashion for him. It’s a time when things can go perfectly right … or horribly wrong. One of the biggest areas of danger is, unfortunately, also one of the most common pieces of clothing he’ll want to wear when the weather gets hot. Yes, we’re talking about shorts. They can be what makes him look both put together and seasonally appropriate, or they can be the opposite. Here’s what different summer shorts choices say about him.

The Cargo Short

While it’s not as formal as its cousin, the pressed khaki, a cargo short is an excellent staple for summer even when you’re not on a hiking trail. Its neutral color means it will match virtually anything, and it can easily go from a casual pairing with a t-shirt to a more formal pairing with a pressed, collared shirt. And the message that the cargo short sends is also great. It says that he’s a little rugged, a little outdoorsy and ready for anything. Of course, it can also simply say that he’s a dad who needs a pocket for every toy! But the likely takeaway is that he’s a man prepared for anything with a bit of a manly edge.

The Pressed Khaki

It’s no secret that we like a well put together man, and so the pressed khaki is our choice for the ideal summer short for him. No, you don’t need to be at a formal event to be wearing these.  Pair them with a crisp, high quality t-shirt for a more casual look or a button up. Either way, you’ll look idea for the baseball box, summer barbeques or even casual dinners out. This short says simply that he is a man who cares about what he puts on. Clothing is more than a necessity to him. He’s aware of how he looks and what it portrays about him.

The Jan Leslie Tribal BraceletKhakis and Cargo Shorts Go Great With… The Jan Leslie Sterling Silver and Leather Tribal Bracelet

Tribal Style for the Adult Male. There’s something about a man with a tribal bracelet that women find just a little bit irresistible. Think of it as the tribal tattoo but grown up for an adult male with a sense of edgy style. These men’s bracelets from Jan Leslie capture all of that. Two cable strands with three-bead accents and a magnetic closure. An ideal way to add edge when you’re suited up or capture her attention after-five.


The Sports Short

We all know him – the man who spends the entire summer decked out in his comfortable-fitting basketball shorts. We’re not saying that basketball shorts don’t have their proper place. They’re great for when you’re cutting the grass or, conveniently, playing basketball. We might give you a pass if you’re wearing them while making breakfast in the morning. But those are really the only three occasions. These shorts say two things. He plays a lot of sports, and he cares about them more than he does his own appearance.

The Euro Tennis Short

You know the short we’re talking about. It’s “fitted” and just a little bit too short. You might see them on a yacht. And we might think they’re still inappropriate there. Some men are just too sexy for this song (or this blog). We’re not going to lie, either. Some ladies love those shorts. Just be sure you identify who those ladies are, because if you misidentify you’re in for a big rejection. These shorts say that you know you’re hot … or that you’re delusional. Or possibly just that you’re from the continent!

The Denim Short

This can really go one of two ways. A well-tailored denim short can be a great look when paired with a nice button up or pull-over. It says that he’s casual, but not messy. But we all know those men who over the summer will be seen in actual cut off denim shorts. Unless you are working (and by working, we mean a runway) there is never a place for any type of cut off denim. It says he’s, well, confused about what to do with old jeans.

The Manpri

We’re going to avoid getting into the manpri debate here and keep it simple. The manpri says that he does not give a care what you think, because nobody wears these without being aware that there are as many haters as there are lovers of the not quite short, not quite pant. Should you wear these? It’s really your call. Just know there will always be controversy – but some men love that!


Photo Credit: Inhabitat via Flickr