The Jan Leslie Summer Cufflink Zoo Trip

Summer Zoo-Inspired Cufflink Styles

If there’s one tradition from summer that we all remember vividly, it’s the family trip to the zoo. Seeing the animals, drinking icy slushes and being hot and sweaty when you got on the zoo train ride are all permanently etched in most people’s brains. And if you didn’t get to experience the joy of a zoo as a child, it’s never too late (but look for zoos that use larger natural habitats instead of cages). This month, we’re celebrating that spirit at Jan Leslie with a feature on our brightly colored animal cufflinks. Browse all animal cufflinks, or enjoy our favorite picks for zoo-inspired style for him.

Sea Turtle CufflinksIn the Amphibian House: Brightly Colored Enamel Turtles

How Tough Are You? The sea turtle is known for its longevity and toughness. You too can show your love for these grand creatures with these colorful cufflinks. Think of standing for hours in front of the sea turtle environment watching these majestic creatures swim. Then put them on your cuffs in sterling silver with hand-painted enamel for vibrant details that will make it feel as though you’re still swept away watching them swim around.


Elephant CufflinksThe Elephant House: Majestic Grey Elephants

Be Unforgettable. The majestic elephant is known as the animal that never forgets, but what’s unforgettable is these distinctive cuff links. Whether the wearer of these cuff links is a fan of the African safari or just somebody who admires the wise, patient elephant, these add a metallic accent to any day time suit or evening wear and look great with a grey or dark grey suit. Crafted in sterling silver with hand-painted enamel.


Lion CufflinksThe Lion Habitat: The King of the Jungle Lion Cufflinks

The King of Fierce Style. Whether your inner-lion is wild, powerful or both, you’ll let others know with these fantastic men’s accessories. Now, put them on and go prowling! These lion cufflinks are crafted in 925 premium sterling silver with hand-painted enamel worthy of the royalty of the lion himself. Why settle for an animal who’s not king? Lead the pride with these lion cufflinks.



Polar Bear CufflinksThe Arctic Habitat: Polar Bear Cufflinks

King of the Arctic. These silver cufflinks depict the polar bear in all its majesty. This set is perfect to add a texture accent to a black suit and ideal for evening or formal wear. These cuff links are particularly distinctive when paired with a red tie or accent piece but the solid silver design means that these can be a powerful accent with any suit for those with a cool skin tone.



Penguin CufflinksThe Penguin House: Gemstone Penguin Cufflinks

A Penguin Suit with Flair. While these gemstone and gold accented penguin cuff links are great with any suit, we think they’re just fantastic with a black tie tuxedo. The detail work on these cuff links truly separates them from the flock. Just think how much fun standing in front of the penguin habitat and watching them waddle, slip and slide is. Then capture that fun with flair on your cuffs.



Tiger CufflinksThe Tiger Habitat: Leaping Tiger Enamel Cufflinks

Leaping Tiger. Emboldened Style. There’s a canyon in Eastern China known as Leaping Tiger Gorge. The name is because of a local legend about a tiger that jumped across the entire canyon, proving that the determined and fiery tiger can do anything that he sets his mind to. Embrace your own inner (or outer) tiger with these magnificent and detailed cufflinks. Crafted in sterling silver with hand-painted enamel for astounding detail.


Gorilla CufflinksThe Monkey House: Moving Gorilla Cufflinks

For a Beast of a Man. We have a beast of a cuff link set! These cuff links definitely let everybody know that you’re the master of your domain. These gorilla cufflinks are crafted in 925 sterling silver with hand-painted enamel for realistic and artistic detail. You’ll also find moving parts to distract your primitive brain with when you get a little bored! It’s our favorite stop at the zoo – and it’s one of our favorite cufflink designs, too!