Our Favorite Five Summer Cocktail Inspired Cufflinks

Summer Cocktail Inspired Cufflinks


If there’s one thing we can all agree is superior about summer, it’s the quality of the cocktails. The freshness of the ingredients and the shift from heavier darker drunks to lighter ones inspire us to spend more time outdoors … with a drink in our hand! We love the festive “party spirit” of summer cocktails, and we think that spirit can be translated to his style as well. Here are our five favorite looks for his cuffs that remind us of our most delightful summer cocktail creations.

Green Ferris Wheel CufflinksThe Margarita: Capture the Bright Feel of Lime

Whether it’s on a beach, a rooftop deck or your favorite gourmet taco restaurant with a summer-appropriate patio, the margarita screams warm weather drink. It also invokes feelings of a party atmosphere and music, dancing and overall good times. Unless you’ve had a bad experience with tequila of the nature that’s scarred you forever, chances are this is a summer go-to for you at some point. We love the spirit of the margarita, and we feel like it’s best captured by using its signature color, lime. Capture that feeling and that spirit along with some bright summer color fun with the neon lime green and orange cufflink design on Jan’s English Enamel Ferris Wheel pattern cufflinks. They’re a perfect complement to any summer party look for him.


Mustache CufflinksThe Cuba Libre: Go On with Your Mustache

Yes, it’s true that the Cuba Libra is essentially a rum and coke with a twist of lime in it, but the key is that it’s made with an exceptionally good rum. You know the type of rum that we’re talking about. It’s the type of rum that you can only get in the country that’s the namesake of this cocktail recipe. Pair it with a (legally obtained) cigar from the same origin and enjoy a perfect summer night on a patio or deck. Another fun fact is that hipsters love the Cuba Libre, and we’re not sure if they love it because it’s traditionally drunk by men with mustaches that rival the hipsters’ own or because it’s a “drink of the people.” Either way, you can capture the spirit of the Cuba Libre on your cuffs with Jan’s sterling silver iconic mustache cufflinks.


Ocean Blue CufflinksThe Pina Colada: Tropical Skies, Tropical Water

When you think tropical breezes, you think Pina Colada. It’s okay to admit it even though it’s a mildly “girlie” drink. We all do. The irresistible warm-weather  flavor combination of pineapple and coconut instantly invokes warm weather and summer thoughts. The mental flavor of the Pina Colada is as irresistible as the actual, physical flavor. We also get it, you don’t want to put a huge coconut on your cuffs. We think that’s fair. But there are other ways to capture the spirit behind the Pina Colada. Our recommendation is to pick a pair of cufflinks that captures the shade of blue of the tropical oceans and skies you’d like to be around while drinking one. Our current recommendation? Jan’s Gemstone Soft Square Domed Cufflinks in blue mother-of-pearl.


Caged Mother of Pearl CufflinksThe White Wine Spritzer: A Refined Summer Drink Experience

The white wine spritzer is the drink of choice for refined summer parties and outings, when the heavier taste and feel of red wine can be at odds with cool breezes and warm rays of late afternoon or early evening sun. Whether it’s simply with a dash of seltzer or with a subtle fruit juice or fruit liquor component, when we think white wine spritzer, we think dressy linens and all-white events carried out in scenic environments with a glamorous edge. You don’t need a novelty cufflink to capture that feeling or look. You simply need a cufflink that captures the spirit of those events. We think the perfect match is the Jan Leslie Caged Mother-of-Pearl cufflink set. It would feel right at home either at an all-white event or next to some crisp linen.


Martini CufflinksThe Frozen Cocktail: Undeniably Fun and Refreshing

No matter what the type and where you are, we can all agree that at least once in the summer we indulge in a frozen cocktail … and loved it. Sure, it doesn’t require a finely trained bartender and high-end sprits, but a frozen cocktail can cool you down and fire you up for summertime picnic and vacation events. While supplies last, you can completely capture your love of the frozen cocktail on your sleeves with Jan’s red enamel martini cocktail cufflinks, complete with festive fruit garnish!