Styling the Red Fire Monkey: Clever Luxury for a Clever Sign

Get out your red envelopes and fireworks, this Chinese New Year brings the advent of the year of the red fire monkey. For those born in red fire monkey years, we admire your never-ending energy and cleverness. And we also believe that there is a very specific way to style your quick-witted personality (and your tendency to be just a bit quick tempered). See below for our key elements of the red fire monkey and our best style tips to accompany though.

What Is a Red Fire Monkeys Personality?

With a nomenclature like red fire monkey, we wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve already figured out what the personality type of this year’s Chinese zodiac sign is. The red fire monkey is primarily known for being clever, but don’t confuse his or her cleverness for a lack of scathing intelligence. Red fire monkeys are some of the smartest people that you’ll ever meet. Red fire monkeys tend to be successful in their careers and the accrual of wealth. But for all of their desirable qualities, there comes a cost. Red fire monkeys have a quick temper and can be downright snotty.

Styling Tip: Because red monkeys are aggressive, successful and smart enough to pay attention to detail, it’s all about the well-tailored look for them. Nothing off-the-rack will fit the red fire monkeys exacting standards, so always plan on custom tailoring. This is as true for the female red fire monkey as it is for the male.

The Red Fire Monkey and Love

For all of his aggressive snootiness and quick temper, the red fire monkey is also surprisingly gentle and honest. This means that most red fire monkeys will find true, everlasting love within their lifetime. They’re best when paired with an Ox or Rabbit, but expect friction when a red fire monkey tries to pair with a tiger or pig.

Styling Tip: The red fire monkey’s sense of true love has a romantic edge to it, but it’s a true love that operates with a need (on both sides) for independence and space. That’s a combination that leads many red fire monkeys to a look that’s decidedly traditional chivalrous in nature. Think vintage touches combined with modern line suits. The red fire monkey wants to convey that he or she is a true romantic, but at his or her core is still an individual.

Lucky Colors for the Red Fire Monkey

The red fire monkey’s lucky colors are white, blue and gold. While saying them together may sound like a varsity football team uniform, those three colors actually leave quite a broad spectrum for styling and, particularly, accent pieces. Red fire monkeys should avoid the unlucky colors of red, black, grey and dark coffee brown.

Lucky Blue Cufflinks for the Red Fire MonkeyStyling Tip: It would seem as though avoiding red, black and grey would be a challenge for the “all business” red fire monkey, but that still leaves many variations of that spectrum to explore. Charcoal and other pantone versions of grey are all on the board, as are cranberry and pantone spectrums of red. However, we love the steely blue color for what truly moves the monkey. From the Jan Leslie collection, we think that the Curved Square Cufflinks in Blue Lapis are an ideal accent piece for him or her.  It’s the red fire monkey’s lucky color, and it’s a clean line design that perfectly suits (no pun intended) the clean lines and precise details that red fire monkeys love.

Sadly, Stay Limited on the Whimsical and Novelty Looks

You know that we at Jan Leslie we love the whimsical and fun styles, but your red fire monkey may not. That said, because red fire monkeys are so clever, we think that certain Jan Leslie whimsical styles will appeal to their appreciation for the perfection of minor details and that embrace their inner monkey. Here are our picks from our curation of monkey cufflinks for the red fire monkey who’s ready to be just a little playful.

Year of the Monkey Cufflinks

 Styling the Red Fire Monkey: Clever Luxury for a Clever Sign
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Styling the Red Fire Monkey: Clever Luxury for a Clever Sign
2016 is the year of the red fire monkey in Chinese astrology. We have styling tips for keeping your red fire monkey dressed for luck and prosperity.
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