May the Force of Style Be With You: Curating the Cufflinks Style of Classic Star Wars Characters

At Jan Leslie, we’re certainly not immune to pop culture. In fact, we consider it part of our mission to stay abreast of pop culture trends and, well, obsessions. Certainly nothing can be considered more of current pop culture obsession of late that the imminent release of the newest film in the epic Star Wars franchise. We’re obviously fans (who isn’t?), and excitement over the release got us into quite the office discussion about the male archetypes in the classic Star Wars movies and what their personal style would be like. That led to a playful little project in which we extrapolated what cufflinks would be the ideal holiday gift for each of the major characters in the classic Star Wars movies. We’re hoping to have a second reason to do this after the latest movie, but we think it’s fair to say that everybody knows the reasons we skipped episodes one, two and three in this list. For now, let’s talk about what we’d gift our favorites from the classic movies … and possibly inspire a gift choice for you as well!

Han Solo: Snarky Alpha Male with a Love of Ammunition

Han Solo Cufflinks Selection from Jan LeslieTo us, there’s no debate that Han Solo is the most captivating of the original Star Wars characters. Always willing to take a risk, a lover of adventure and a man we’re sure is the best bar-buddy around. We suspect that Han doesn’t get dressed up too often for a black tie night out, but we also suspect that when he does it’s quite the appealing spectacle to see. It was our team’s easiest job to pick out what we’d dress our beloved Han Solo in for a formal occasion. Our Fall/Winter 2015 Military Grenade Cufflinks are both intricately detailed for formal style and the perfect “rough around the edges” accent for your everyday marauder.

Luke Skywalker: Lightsaber Inspired Accents for Formal Occasions

Luke Skywalker Cufflinks Pick by Jan LeslieLuke Skywalker has always been a man on a quest: to find the Force, to find his father, to master combat and, ultimately, to find himself. Yes, it’s possible we’ve analyzed him just a tad too much! But at the heart of Skywalker’s being is his connection with his Lightsaber. It symbolizes everything that is at the core of his being, and he can’t be without it no matter the occasion. Because Luke Skywalker feels such a powerful connection to his weapon, we’d outfit him in our Fall/Winter 2015 Glowing Fiberoptic  Cufflinks. These cufflinks were designed to appeal to the ultimate techie, but their nostalgic visual affinity towards the image of an activated lightsaber make them the perfect accessory for when Luke Skywalker (or the Skywalker lover in your life) needs to attend a royal palace event.

Princess Leia: She’s Still a Princess, No Matter How Tough She Is

Princess Leia Earrings by Jan LeslieWho doesn’t love Princess Leia? She had no issues leaving the palace and picking up a gigantic weapon to defend what she cared about most. She didn’t bat an eye about having to camp out in Ewok nation for what seemed like an eternity. And more than anybody we could ever imagine, she knew how to work a gold, metallic bikinis and side buns. It’s the iconic gold bikini that inspired our holiday accent piece for the hard core princess with loyalty and dedication to spare. Our hand-carved Gemstone Rose Earrings are beautiful and unique for any woman, but the pyrite version is particularly apt to complete the look for any occasion where Leia – or another woman – may find herself in need of a gold metallic futuristic bikini ensemble.

Darth Vader: Black is Back

Darth Vader Cufflink Selection by Jan LeslieThe only question we had to ask ourselves when it came to selecting the perfect accent piece for Darth Vader was “But which pair of black cufflinks would he prefer?” After all, when it comes to color choices Darth Vader doesn’t have a wide repertoire of scenarios. When it came down to it, we knew that Darth Vader would want something that had the maximum amount of black luster to it with the minimum amount of extra adornment. He’d basically want classic black tie with a powerful edge to it. When Darth Vader needs to put on his formalwear to appear before the emperor, we’re sure he’d accent with something similar to our best-selling Curved Square Cufflinks in Black Onyx. They have enough shine to match his body armor and are understated enough to show that he means business … both when it comes to style and when it comes to galaxy domination.

Yoda: Nobody Needs Cufflinks in a Swamp

Yoda Bracelet by Jan LeslieYoda gave up black tie affairs long ago when he adopted a flax robe and moved into a smelly swamp, but if there’s one thing that we believe, it’s that there is no situation that doesn’t require some style adornment! Even a solo life in a swamp is more satisfying if you channel the force into the occasional accent piece to complete your pared down look. We know exactly what Yoda needs, and it’s a tribal bracelet. We think in particular our Shell and Brass Beaded Bracelet would go well with Yoda’s preference for natural fabrics and landscapes. Living simply doesn’t have to mean living without style!

We had so much fun making this list. It put a smile on everybody’s face, and we hope it lightened your mood as well. We know that we’re excited about seeing the premier of the new Star Wars movie and we’re planning to dress for the occasion! Still undecided on a gift for the Star Wars fan in your life? If the above list didn’t inspire you, you may find something that you like in our Holiday 2015 Lookbook.

Curating the Cufflinks Style of Classic Star Wars Characters
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Curating the Cufflinks Style of Classic Star Wars Characters
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