Downhill Upstyled. Ski Style Tips for Him.

Downhill Upstyled. Ski Style Tips for Him.

If you’re anything like us, there’s not much that you love about the middle of winter other than the excuse to drink rich liquors and red wines and the opportunity to hit the slopes. But ski outings can present a style challenge. Most of us are advanced beyond the age where the ski slope rebel hippie or “mountain surfer” look is appropriate. And any sport can leave you looking messy if you don’t think things through a tiny bit. Fortunately, when it comes to skiing, the style tips can be pretty simple. No matter how shaky your downhill skills are, you’ll look put together even if you take a spill with these quick tips.

Keep It Shaded … and Sleek.

You know you’re going to both want and need to wear sunglasses on the slopes, and this is truly a place where a smart style choice can make all of the difference. A bulky or ill-fitting pair of sunglasses sends an entirely different message than a sleek and well-designed pair. Spend your ski style budget on the best pair of sunglasses that you can get your hands on. And if you’re not entirely sure which ones will look the best on your face, opt to have a professional (or even a good friend with a great eye for style) help you out. Much like many people will notice your eyes first upon first meeting you, many people will notice your sunglasses first when they’re what’s covering your eyes.

You Have Matured Beyond Neons

We ski, therefore we know that there is an abundance of ski clothing and gear that features bright neon colors. This is not for you, trust us. No, don’t speak. Just trust us. Unless you are a twenty year old on a spring break ski trip, neon ski gear is not for you. There is no similarity between high end highlighter bright fashion for him (which is a trend) and neon ski gear. One looks cutting edge. The other looks like you’re an extra in Hot Tub Time Machine. No, this is not for you. Ever.

If The Hat Has a Tassel…

… then you should not be wearing it unless you sincerely want to be considered “that funny dude” on your ski trip. And if you’re “that funny dude” then more power to you! However, for anybody who doesn’t fall into that group, we’d sincerely encourage you to avoid hats with tassels. There are plenty of sleek, well-designed ski hats that will keep you warm without looking goofy. Plus, realistically that tassel is going to make you less aerodynamic when you’re killing it on the downhill.

At the Lodge …

It’s okay to wear your ski gear into the lodge when you first come off the slopes. Everybody does it and nothing feels and tastes better after a cold run than a warming adult beverage. However, if you’re headed back down to the lodge later in the evening, take the ski gear off and put on a nice button up, sweater and your good jeans. Sports gear is appropriate to wear … when you’re playing the sport. The rest of the time, it’s better if we all dress like adults.

At the Lodge CufflinksWe Recommend … The At the Lodge Collection by Jan Leslie

While the original inspiration for the At the Lodge collection of designs from Jan Leslie was the old world feel of hunting lodge, it’s the same warmth and style that would be ideal to wear when having red wine or hot toddies or a fine scotch in the evening at the ski lodge. We’re showing the signature stag’s head design to the left, but there are plenty of styles that all capture the sensation of logs burning in a fire place, dark wood and the snip of cold that happens when a door opens.



Bonus Tip: Sunscreen Matter

Don’t hit the slopes without sunscreen on! It’s even more important than when you head to the beach. When you’re out in the snow, you’re being exposed both to direct UV rays and those that reflect off of the snow, so double the sun damage.



Photo Credit: Massachusetts Office of Travel & Tourism via Flickr

Downhill Upstyled. Ski Style Tips for Him.
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Downhill Upstyled. Ski Style Tips for Him.
Being on the slopes doesn’t mean that you have to look sloppy. We have quick tips to keep him well styled when he’s skiing – and when he’s at the lodge.