Science and Style Combine with the Real Rockstars of Research

Activist Kate Friedman, Designer Jan Leslie and Science Star Dr. James Watson Designer Jan Leslie Surrounded by Rock Stars of Science
There’s nothing more stylish than intelligence. It’s one of the driving inspirations behind the Jan Leslie collection. And it’s why Jan enjoyed meeting the true rock star celebrities scientists at a recent event.

Pictured first are Activist Kate Friedman, Jan Leslie and Dr. James Watson. If the name sounds familiar, it’s because he is best-known as the co-discoverer of DNA in 1953.

From left to right in the second picture:

Camila dos Santos : PhD in Molecular and Cell Biology : Cancer Research, Cell Biology, Developmental Biolog

Jan Leslie : Designer & Entrepreneur

Maria Nattestad : Bioinformatics PhD. candidate working on her thesis project which includes genome assembly, tumor analysis, and population genomics.

 Anja Hohmann : Biochemist PhD. Candidate  working on cancer drug target discovery in Leukemia

 Kate Friedman: Activist

Leemor JoshuaProfessor and HHMI Investigator Structural biology; nucleic acid regulation; RNAi; molecular recognition; X-ray crystallography

Bruce Stillman:   AO, FAA, FRS is a biochemist and cancer researcher  as well as Director & President  of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

Science and Style Combine
Article Name
Science and Style Combine
Jan Leslie meets the rock stars of science for a true lesson in intelligent style.