Pitti Uomo 93: What We’re Looking Forward To

This Sunday, Jan Leslie is escaping the bitter cold of New York City and hopping on a flight to Florence, Italy to exhibit at the Pitti Uomo show! Pitti Uomo is the premier international event for men’s fashion and lifestyle products with a global reach. It brings together leading fashion journalists, brands, retailers, and influencers and is known for showcasing top quality brands that represent the new classic style.


In the spirit of Pitti Uomo’s forward-looking fashion, here’s a list of what Jan’s looking forward to seeing at this winter’s show.

1. The Fortezza da Basso

Pitti Uomo is held in a beautifully restored fourteenth century Italian fortress. The Fortezza da Basso is a wonderfully unconventional convention center- can you think of another that has an actual moat? Jan gets excited for all trade shows, but there’s something special about spending a few days in a marvel of Renaissance-era architecture.


2. Pitti Live Movie








Every Pitti Uomo show has its own unique theme. This season’s is Pitti Live Movie, a celebration of cinema. Venues at the show will have style inspiration from different film genres including spy stories, thrillers, and action movies. Pavilions will be transformed into movie theaters, and the forecourt of the Fortezza will be filled with billboards advertising cult, blockbuster, and indie films. Fashion fused with movie magic? Talk about an offer you can’t refuse.

3. The Peacocks

Pitti Uomo is full of top tier fashion journalists, so it attracts several stylish men in scene-stealing outfits (called “peacocks“) looking to get their picture taken for blogs and magazines. Models-in-the-making hanging around in their best ensembles, casually sipping espresso and waiting to become someone’s muse? Ciao bello. 

 4. Reactions to The 2018 Collection

The best part of presenting at any trade show is seeing which pieces people respond to. Reactions to Jan’s gemstone bracelets and limited edition stone and fossil cufflinks were so positive at last season’s show, she expanded each collection. At Pitti Uomo 93, Jan’s showing off each expanded collection, as well as new whimsical novelty cufflinks, and brand staples that have become signature pieces. The Jan Leslie 2018 Collection is definitely going to steal some attention from the Pitti Peacocks, and Jan can’t wait to see which pieces become favorites of industry insiders.

From January 9-12, Jan Leslie will be at Pitti Uomo 93 in Padiglione Centrale – Piano Inferiore – Stand P/25. 

Stop by and say “Ciao”!