When Is a Pig a Perfect Cuff Link? Five Perfect Recipients for Pig Cuff Links.

When Is a Pig a Perfect Cuff Link? Five Perfect Recipients for Pig Cuff Links.


“I’ve always loved pigs: the shape of them, the look of them, the fact that they are so intelligent.” Maurice Sendak

Pig Cuff Links

A pig. You may think of it as a farmer’s best friend, but our porky pal is also an ideal accessory piece for the man of style. No, wearing pig cuff links doesn’t mean that you want to go take a roll in the mud (though honestly, in the middle of a suited-up work day that can seem like an ideal option). Jan Leslie’s pig cuff links are perfect for all types of men. That includes men attending black tie events, at the office and even just out for a delicious dinner. Who are pig cuff links ideal for? Here are five occasions when pig cuff links are the perfect style choice.

Pig CufflinksCulinary Lovers Delight

If you love food, then chances are that you love pigs. Particularly if you, yourself, are the smoked barbecue master of the house. Bacon is nectar of every American, and there’s nothing wrong with adding to your accessory collection to ensure that your love of delicious, delicious bacon and pork cuisine is represented. If you’re a chef or you have a chef in your circle of loved ones, Jan’s Pigs in a Blanket cuff links are colorful, stylish and an ideal way to combine a passion with a style.



The Politician: A Wink and a Smile

Nowhere is the mention of bacon or pork done more tongue-in-cheek than with a politician. That’s why pig-themed cuff links are an ideal gift or accessory for any political member of your inner circle who wants to be “in” on the joke instead of being the joke. Stand up for not taking pork barrel payments and do it while looking stylish.

Pigs Fly CufflinksFor the Wisher and the Dreamer: Pigs Really Can Fly.

When Pigs Fly is one of Jan’s classic cuff link designs, and it’s a perfect way to inspire and remind the wearer every day that dreams really can come true. Often, we say that something is likely to happen “when pigs fly.” But there can be a world where that truly happens! If you can imagine it, you can create it. That’s the philosophy behind Jan’s design, and it’s why these cuff links are ideal for anybody who needs a touch of inspiration.



Whenever You Want Pink!

Pink is an ideal accent color for a variety of suit and even tuxedo combinations. What’s more whimsical and perfectly pink than a pig? Stand out in style with pink accents with extra flair.


Piggy Bank CufflinksA Penny Saved … Can Be Used to Buy Some Amazing Cuff Links!

What’s a more classic type of pig than a childhood memory of the lessons learned about saving and money through your first piggy bank? That lesson just got incredibly stylish with Jan’s piggy bank cuff links. Whether they’re given as a gift to remind a new graduate of the importance of responsible saving or to sport at an everyday banking job, these pig cuff links inspire the accumulation of wealth in the right way.


When would you wear a pig cuff link set? And, more importantly, which type of pig is right for you? Be sure to take a look at all of the inspired pig cuff links in the Jan Leslie collection.