Picnic Style. Romantic and Outdoors Can Work for Him, Too.

Picnic Style Tips for Him

International picnic day is right around the corner, and with much of the country having experienced one of the most brutal winters in recent history there’s even more reason to get outside and celebrate with some fine food and wine. For the males of the world, picnic season and International Picnic Day are a perfect opportunity to impress the current object of your affection with some serious romance. But don’t just throw on your best khaki shorts and t-shirt. Wooing is always better when you look your best. Here are our three favorite tips for mastering the style of the romantic outdoor dining vibe.

Tip Number One: Jeans and Casual is Perfectly Fine When Done Correctly

You don’t need to put on the linen pants and dapper hat for a proper picnic if that’s not your style. After all, you are eating outside. But do go through the trouble of picking out a casual look that still says that you took the time to think about what you’re wearing. Avoid the jeans with the spots on them from when you painted the ceiling in your bedroom and choose the “good jeans.” Consider a button-up instead of a t-shirt, but if you are wearing a t-shirt opt for one that’s clean and newer rather than threadbare and “lived in.” Essentially, take everything about your standard casual look and upgrade it one notch. You don’t need to get dressed up, but it doesn’t hurt you to not actively dress down!

Men's Bracelet by Jan LesliePair It With: A Bracelet, The Accessories Can Make All The Details

Not every accessory needs to be a tie bar or a set of cufflinks. Casual looks can go high-end with the right accessory as well. Pair your jeans and casual look with one of the detailed bracelets from the Jan Leslie collection. No attention to detail has been overlooked in this merger of tribal and industrial style. You’ll still be comfortable and casual – just with a slightly higher style IQ attached.


Tip Number Two: Everybody Loves Classic Picnic Dapper

Of course, if you want to go for true romance, nobody can resist the classic look of picnic linen and white. If you’re pulling out all the stops for a traditional picnic look though, be sure that you have an ample-sized picnic blanket as well. Nothing destroys the look of white or lightly colored pants faster than grass or mud stains. Remember, the key to this look isn’t just lighter fabrics, it’s also lighter colors. You’re trying to capture the spirit of the outdoors and summer weather. You want the mood to be light and airy. And, most of all, you want to make sure you have a dapper hat to go with the look!

Men's Tie Bar by Jan LesliePair It With: A Tie Bar for the Ultimate Dapper Touch

You weren’t considering going full picnic classic without a tie, were you? And if you want to complete your dapper and classic look, you’ll want to finish off your tie with a tie bar. Nothing too elaborate – after all you’ll be wearing bright or light colors which can translate to “overdone” if you over-accessorize. Opt for a simple tie bar that has an old-school chivalrous throw-back nature combined with unquestionable style points.


Tip Number Three: Take Your Picnic Formal

Outside doesn’t need to mean a picnic blanket or a picnic table. It can mean a fully plated table set up in a beautiful setting for the ultimate in romance. If that’s your kind of picnic, then don’t hold back on the style (or the champagne). Go full tuxedo! This type of outdoor eating is perfect for big events like proposals or anniversaries. Nothing says “I am here to romance you” like black tie.

Tuxedo Studs by Jan LesliePair It With: Tuxedo Stud Sets

Never do black tie halfway, gentlemen. If you’re putting on the tuxedo, complete the look with matching cufflinks and studs. You may want to opt for something in a lighter color such as mother-of-pearl gemstone to keep the mood and look a bit brighter for outdoor picnic dining events, but any tuxedo accessory that you choose will ultimately lead to a thought-through style and a better overall picture.