May the Force of Style Be With You: Curating the Cufflinks Style of Classic Star Wars Characters

At Jan Leslie, we’re certainly not immune to pop culture. In fact, we consider it part of our mission to stay abreast of pop culture trends and, well, obsessions. Certainly nothing can be considered more of current pop culture obsession of late that the imminent release of the newest film in the epic Star Wars

The Fall Feeling: From Seriously ‘70s to Subtle Androgyny, Jan Leslie Talks Trends

Another fall fashion season is here, and that means the focus and attention turn once again to textured, luxurious layered looks. For men, though, the perennial basics are still in play: the tailored jacket isn’t going anywhere, and the most popular color happens to be the easiest one to wear. Still, that doesn’t mean that

Give and Give Back: Style with Purpose with Jan Leslie’s LightningLinks Collection

  A stroke is a complex and terrifying event. When blood flow stops, muscle memories disappear. Jan Leslie has collaborated with Maxwell Silverstein, Neuroscience Researcher, High School Senior, and Founder of FIRE, Maxwell designed LightningLinks cufflinks, tie bars and upcoming lapel pin as a gift to help others. All proceeds from LighteningLinks go to