Black with a Twist: Explore the World of Onyx Accessories

“I have said that black has it all. White too. Their beauty is absolute. It is the perfect harmony.” Coco Chanel

Onyx Cuff Links

Black accessories can add a distinctive look to any style. Whether they’re contrasting a white shirt, creating one half of a color combination or streamlining a monochrome look, a pair of black cuff links is an essential component of any man’s style kit. But black doesn’t need to be boring. There are plenty of ways to opt for black cuff links or lapel pins in ways that add texture and depth to the color. One way is to select black hardware accessories that are crafted from black onyx stone.


What is Onyx?

Onyx is a mineral gemstone that actually forms in nature in a variety of colors. The name actually comes from the Greek word for “claw” since the striated, banded color patterns of the stone in nature resemble those of a fingernail.


However, the most commonly known form of onyx is black onyx. This form of the stone is actually much rarer than the multi-color version more typically found in nature. Onyx is, not surprisingly, found naturally in many of the world’s most exotic locations, including Brazil, Uruguay, Sri Lanka, India and Madagascar.


Carry History on Your Cuffs

When you wear an onyx cuff link set, you’re carrying the breadth and depth of history on your arms. Onyx was a primary material for rich art pieces in ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome. The powerful looking stone is both elegant and simplistic.


There’s also a metaphysical belief that black onyx can ward off evil and provide protection. We’re not saying it’s true, but a little extra attention to detail to keep the evil spirits at bay never hurt!


Why Black Onyx Instead of Black Enamel?

Black enamel cuff links can create an ideal and streamlined look when worn. However, if you’re looking for a black cuff link or lapel style with a bit of uniqueness, the luster of a black onyx stone adds that distinctive extra touch of detail. Black onyx also provides the benefit of being able to be cut into faceted designs to enhance the lightness and shine of the stone.


The next question is, of course, what’s your personal style? Once you’ve determined that you want a black onyx accent piece in your collection, you’ll want to determine what your personal style is. Are you a classic and understated style? Do you want a bolder look with larger metal edges? Choosing a gemstone is the first step. Refining your style means finding the perfect pair for you.


From Sleek Casual to Black Tie. The Many Personalities of Onyx.

Much like the color black itself, onyx cuff links can go from the perfect casual accessory with jeans and a crisp white shirt to the ultimate black tie accessory collection (Jan Leslie also designs onyx tuxedo stud sets). There’s no need to fill your collection up with multiple pairs of onyx. One classic design can take you from the club to the office to the red carpet.


Of course, as we noted above, onyx doesn’t have to be limited to black. In fact, onyx stones come in a range of natural colors. However, every stylish man needs a set of sleek, black cuff links. Add the extra touch to yours by choosing genuine onyx to enliven the look.