Our Favorite Pics of Classic Boating Styles

Spring and summer mean the start of boating season, and it’s no secret that Jan is unquestionably inspired by the lure of the nautical. If you have any doubts, simply browse her curation of nautical inspired cufflinks. While we can’t transport you directly to Jan’s secret boating getaways, we can share some of our favorite images of the classic boating style that she loves in order to get you inspired about your own style. You don’t need to heading out on a yacht for the day to incorporate classic boating hints into the choices and pieces that you use in your daywear. For him and for her, we hope that these looks inspire and delight.

The Ultimate Boating Style: The Kennedy Look

The Kennedy Clan: Our Favorite Boating Styles

Nobody so effortlessly captures the lure of nautical style as do JFK and Jackie O. For him, a rugged sea bearing tan combined with casual looks of an active boater that still reflected conscious style choices and an intentional focus on refinement. For her, glamour translated to on-board style in the form of sweeping head scarves and deck-ready ballet flats. For both him and her, the completion to any look was a pair of sunglasses that were both effective and alluring. The Kennedy Library has an entire collection of boating pictures of the iconic couple, and we can’t recommend browsing them with more enthusiasm.

A Modern Yacht Icon: Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio: Our Favorite Boating Styles

In the contemporary era, nobody lives the yacht lifestyle more than Oscar winner Leonardo DiCaprio. DiCaprio embodies both the black-tie, classic style of boating as well as the endless party of boating. We think both of those styles are captured perfectly in this photograph. Tailored casual pants with detailed accessories and, of course, the most important accessory of all. The boat beverage!

The Classic Ralph Lauren Style

Ralph Lauren: Our Favorite Boating Styles

We’d be remiss if we talked about boating style for the spring and summer without posting a classic Ralph Lauren lookbook style. Nobody has defined this niche of style and fashion as elegantly and effectively. When we think of the ideal boating style, we absolutely think Ralph Lauren first. And so does the world.

Cheating on Boating Style for the Hipster

Hipsters: Our Favorite Boating Styles

When we found this while searching for images, we simply couldn’t resist. Not in the mood to put on your full Captain’s gear? Well, these all-in-one t-shirts were designed for the hipster on a yacht. We won’t deceive you, we absolutely ordered one. No cufflinks required, but you will want a jaunty hat and a handlebar mustache!

Nautical Cufflink Styles by Jan Leslie

Our Favorite Pics of Classic Boating Styles
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Our Favorite Pics of Classic Boating Styles
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