Going Natural: Gemstone Cuff Links Give an Earthy Feel

We’re sure that what you think of when we say “Going Natural” isn’t the use of gemstones, but natural can have many meanings! From a style perspective, adding a gemstone element to a cuff link or lapel pin can not only add a texture to your look, it can also add an accent of color that isn’t as bright or overt as enamel. What should you look for in gemstone accessories and when can they be most effective as part of a complete look? Here are our favorite tips.


Onyx CufflinksAdd Depth to Black or White Accessories

Black or white cuff links and lapel pins are an ideal solution for when you’re trying to create either a contrast look or a monochrome look. However, in both cases, you can upgrade your style by adding the texture of a gemstone to your black or white design. Black onyx, in particular, gives a distinctive look to traditional black accessories with added texture and a more muted shine. For white accessories, consider using cuff links or lapel pins crafted from mother-of-pearl. The multi-color undertones of this stone will make it blend in style with any color palette from bright to warm and create a textured appearance.


Blue Cuff LinksBrilliant Blues: Gemstones Come in Vibrant Blue Shades

Lapis, Agate, Soladite – the world created a number of gemstones that capture the deepest and in many cases multi-leveled colors of blue found in nature. If you’re looking for a cuff link or lapel pin that stuns them with the types of shades of blue that can only truly be found in nature, then look for accessories crafted in natural blue stones. Offset by silver hardware, these accessories make blue truly unique and special.


Amber Cuff LinksEmbrace the Natural with Earth-Tone Colors

From the yellow amber of Tiger’s Eye to the brown and grey tones of ombre mother-of-pearl, the best way to capture the essence of stone is with colors drawn from the environments of the stones themselves. Particularly when paired with other warm colors like brown or camel, these stones can create a warm and embracing vibe with any look.


Green Cuff LinksGo Stone Cold Bold.

Stones aren’t limited to neutral colors and blues, though. Stones like powerful green African Jade and brilliant red carnelian can add an accent of bold, statement color to a look while still maintaining an earthy and grounded feel. The best part about these colors is that there’s nothing synthetic about them. They’re truly colors found in nature, and you may find that they’re even more inspiring than the richest pigment paint.


Elephant Cuff LinksConsider a Smaller Gemstone Accent

If you’re not prepared to use a complete gemstone in your cuff link or lapel pin, consider a design that uses smaller gemstones as a detail element. Our current favorite is Jan’s Gemstone Elephant Cuff Link design. These cuff links use a sterling silver elephant that’s got a detailed decorative blanket with minute, precise use of mother-of-pearl to create a textured, mildly shimmering effect. The benefit of gemstones in a more subtle use.


Gemstones are an ideal way to add an accent to any look while merging old-world feel and modern design. No matter what your personal style is, there’s a gemstone accessory that can amplify it.