Beyond Blue Suede Shoes: Advice on When to Accent Your Look with Blue

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Blue Cuff Link Tips

Whether you’re a bold personality or simply like to add a dash of accent when you’re suited up, blue is an ideal color for adding a fresh touch with your accessories. From ties to pocket squares to (of course) cuff links, a splash of blue can feel calm, deep and rich or even bright and airy. The trick, of course, is to know how and when to accent with blue.


Begin by Understanding the Right Shade of Blue for You

The first step is to understand what shade of blue is best for you. This is as true of shirts and suits as it is of your accessories. As a general rule, blue tends to look better on men with “cool” skin tones. Not sure if your skin tone is cool or warm? Flip your wrist over and look at the veins. If your veins appear blue, then you have a cool skin tone. If they appear to be more of a green color, then you have a warm skin tone. Don’t be upset if your skin tone is warm and you love the color blue. Just look for blue shades that veer more towards the green or muted spectrum. A great way to check is to hold the item you’re interested in wearing near to your wrist to see if it makes your skin look brighter or duller.

Be Careful That You’re Not Washing Out Your Natural Features

It’s important to choose the right shade of blue for your skin tone because off-shades will make your skin look washed out, but it’s not just your skin that the wrong shade of blue can minimize the appearance of. If you have blue eyes, you’ll want to pay extra attention to the shade of blue that you choose for your accent color. A shade too dark will make your eyes look less prominent. A shade to green may cause your eyes to shift in color in the light. Blue is a fantastic accent color for individuals with blue eyes, but be sure that your natural accent piece is stronger than your purchased accent piece.


What Colors Go Best with Blue?

The good news about blue is that it is a universal color, which means that you can pair it with just about anything.  The real question is what look are you going for?


  • Bold and Powerful: If you’re trying to capture a bold and powerful look, pair blue accents with a dark black suit and a crisp white shirt. Opt for darker shades of blue with thicker metal accents.
  • Bright and Fun: If you’re going for a more whimsical look, blue can be paired with just about any other bright color for brilliant fun. Consider blue cufflinks paired with a print tie that incorporates both blue and another bright color such as yellow or pink.
  • Understated and Muted: To keep your look more understated, pair blue accents with a grey suit and blue shirt. The neutral elements of the colors will keep you from standing out while still ensuring that you present a detailed, put-together look.
  • Calm and Collected: Monochrome is the answer for a cool, calm look. Pair a navy suit with a blue shirt and blue accent pieces in various shades to be stylish and soothing.


What makes blue such a classic color? The fact that it can be paired with so many looks to create so many styles and moods. Experiment with blue in your style today. Where’s a great place to start? Begin with Jan Leslie’s entire collection of blue cuff links. From rich gemstones to whimsical and playful, there’s an accent piece that will rejuvenate your style.


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