Bracketology Style: Finding Your March Madness Cufflinks

Bracketology Style: Finding Your March Madness Cufflinks

Is there any better time of year than the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament? If you answered no, then we’re going to guess that you’ve never taken two days off from work to sit on your couch and watch the Cinderella stories of the first round of the tournament. But if you just nodded your head in passionate agreement with that statement, then we’re talking to you! You’re the kind of person who knows the coaches of even the play-in game teams and who created a “man cave” just for the purpose of watching this tournament. But you also have style, and presumably you leave the house most days for work. How do you select the perfect cufflinks to let the world know that you may be running the board meeting, but your heart is on the hardwood with that day’s champions or upsets? We have three different routes to go to slam dunk style this March Madness season.

Be Literal. Sport the Round Ball on Your Cuffs.

Jan Leslie Basketball CufflinksJan Leslie has a full range of sports themed cufflinks, and of course that includes a detailed design of a basketball and hoop. It’s the sweet science of style. If he’s perfect from the line and a monster underneath the basket – or even if he just loves his weekend pick-up game followed by an afternoon of cheering from the couch – these cufflinks are perfect for him. Sterling silver basketball hoops with dangling nets feature the classic round ball making a swish as it goes through, all with minute details in hand-painted enamel. Crafted in 925 sterling silver with an anti-tarnish rhodium finish, these cufflinks feature hand-painted with orange enamel for on-point detail.


Go With The Mascot! Especially If That Mascot is an Animal!

College Mascot Cufflinks From the Gators to the Longhorns to the Huskies, the number of fun (or fierce) animal college and university mascots and fans that wear them with pride on shirts, hats, jackets and, well, just about any other piece of gear that you can buy. So why wouldn’t you put them on your cuffs as well? Of course, just about any alumni store will have novelty cufflinks in your favorite mascot styles, but you’re style is more serious than novelty! You can find so many of the animals that serve as mascots for institutions of higher learning (and basketball) all over the nation in Jan Leslie’s collection of animal themed cufflinks.  Sterling silver, enamel and even gemstone versions of the most popular mascot animals … and even some special whimsical surprises as well.


It’s All About the Colors … Of Your Alma Mater!

College Color CufflinksLook into the crowd during any March Madness game and you’ll see a waving sea of the official color of one school … and then a waving sea of the official color of the other school on the other side of the arena. Whether you’re in the crowd, the box or watching from your home entertainment center, you’ll want to spend the entire tournament showing your team pride with your school colors. Of course, there are many, many scenarios where the official school necktie or hoodie. When that occasion happens, you can still proudly sport your school colors with a pair of cufflinks. Jan’s collection of color cufflinks ranges from bolds to pastels to all of the colors you’d expect to see at game time. A perfect way to pay tribute to your school colors without going overboard.


Bracketology Style: Finding Your March Madness Cufflinks
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Bracketology Style: Finding Your March Madness Cufflinks
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