Love Stones

Love is all you need!

Sometimes it’s a battlefield, but fortunately, there are plenty of gemstones that are believed to tilt the odds in love’s favor.

Maybe you’re still looking for Mr. or Mrs. Right. Maybe you’ve hit a rut with the one you love. No matter your relationship status, we’ve got a stone that will let love rule.

We can’t guarantee these stones will bring you your happily ever after, but they’ll definitely make your wardrobe the type others would wish upon a star for.

The Battle: Emotional Walls (Yours or Theirs)

The Best Defense: Moonstone  

Moonstone is a healing stone, believed to channel the cleansing powers of the moon. When worn often, it’s supposed to help the wearer get in touch with their emotions, and eventually the emotions of others. Moonstones are recommended for lovers because they’re known for increasing emotional sensitivity.

The Battle : Communication

The Best DefenseChrysocolla

Chrysocolla is known as a truth stone. It encourages the wearer to become more open, and more honest with themselves and others about their feelings and desires. Chrysocolla is supposed to help users communicate truthfully and effectively, and can be a great tool in relationship building.

The Battle : The Relationship Has Lost Its Spark

The Best Defense: Rhodocrosite 

Rhodocrosite is a stone of creativity. It is recommended for couples who have been in longterm relationships, because it is reputed to help them come up with novel ways to spice things up.

The Battle : Losing Hope of Finding Love

The Best Defense: Star Ruby

Ruby, in all forms, is a stone of passion. Star ruby is believed to enhance passion in the wearer and to inspire passion from others. It’s the perfect stone for people who are struggling to find love because it attracts passionate people and helps the wearer stay passionate enough to keep looking for their rock.

The Battle : Fear of Commitment 

The Best Defense : Pink Sapphire

Sapphire is a stone of strength. Pink sapphire, commonly used in engagement rings, is believed to symbolize lasting trust and loyalty. It is believed to strengthen bonds of the wearers, making long lasting commitments feel like a natural extension of a relationship instead of an obligation.

Please remember, these stones are best used in conjunction with other forms of therapy.

Love may be difficult at times, but it’s always worth working for! Shop our full collection of limited edition stones to find styles your heart will beat for.