The Jan Leslie Valentine’s Gift Guide for Him

Valentine's Day Cufflink Gifts

Valentine’s Day will be here before you know it. Not only it this a great time to give him a gift, it’s also a great time to subtly change him! Don’t cringe – we all know that almost every girlfriend, wife, mother or sister out there has some tiny way in which she’d like to change the man in her life. Valentine’s Day gives you an ideal opportunity to do that in the guise of a gift. And let’s be honest, the number of women who would like to change (ie: improve) their man’s sense of style is much bigger than the percentage who are delighted with their man’s emphasis on looking put together and on-trend. How are you hoping to restyle your man this Valentine’s Day? We’ve got tips for any effort you’d like to make.

Make Him Bolder: Opt for Bright Colors and English Enamels

If you’re exhausted from the sheer amount of brown, black and beige in your man’s closet, subtly spice him up with brightly colored accessories like ties and cufflinks. The truth of the matter is, if you’re easing your man into embracing bolder and brighter colors, cufflinks may be your better option. Because they aren’t as “front and center” as a brightly colored tie is, he may feel more comfortable wearing them. As he gets used to the use of color (and gets compliments on it as well), you may be surprised how easily he transitions to naturally using more color. Color begets confidence, and as his grows so will his natural desire to wear colors.

Valentine's Red CufflinksOur Recommendation: English Enamels in Red Tones

Jan’s collection of English Enamel cufflinks features many designs in Valentine’s Day appropriate red (as well as pinks, purples and blues). While red is the color of Valentine’s Day and love, you may also have better luck selecting an English Enamel cufflink that’s designed in his favorite color. After all, the motive here is to get him to embrace color and boldness. Select a color that he’ll initially feel comfortable with.

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Make Him More Refined: Opt for Modernized Classics

We’re not suggesting that your man is sloppy, but maybe his sense of style and refinement leaves just a tiny bit to be desired? You can love somebody deeply and still cringe a tiny bit on the inside when he arrives at the restaurant or formal event with a slightly rumpled shirt and that ever-so-minutely-crooked tie. Men aren’t any different from women. If you give him a quality accessory or style piece that he loves, he’ll be more conscious about wearing it. The next step is to give him a place to wear it to! Consider pairing your cufflink gift with a dinner or a table at an upscale club so that he’l have an immediate event to show his new style off at.

Modern Classic CufflinksOur Recommendation: Classics with a Twist

You want to give him something that isn’t too much or too bold as you teach him about a more refined look, but you also don’t want to dress him like a grandfather. Opt for classic and simple silver cufflink designs that also have a modernized edge. Gemstones like black onyx or blue agate are ways to keep him looking classic while also not making him feel as though he’s dressing “frumpy” or “old style.”

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Make Him More Romantic: Dress to Inspire

Sometimes, what he’s wearing can inspire how he acts (this is true of women as well). The phrase “dress for success” is common, but not as common is the phrase “dress for romance.” For better or worse, the concept of romance and chivalry in America is associated with a time in the past when men courted women and never arrived without flowers more than it is with today’s culture. That’s understandable in some ways. Today’s busy and fast-paced lives mean having to work harder at romance, and everybody needs a tiny “shove” to do that. Buy him a Valentine’s accessory inspired by the romantic days of yore and enjoy the results.

Antique CufflinksOur Recommendation: Classic and Vintage Styles

If you want to inspire classic chivalry, opt for gifts that are infused with that spirit. Look for vintage-inspired designs using classic metals and romantic, traditional mother-of-pearl. Don’t be afraid to tell him what you’re thinking, either! We think a perfectly acceptable not to accompany these cufflinks is as follows: “These cufflinks are unbearably romantic. It’s a hint!”

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Make Him More Fun: Set Him Up with Whimsical or Novelty Cufflinks

We can’t tell you how many times we’ve seen it at Jan Leslie. A man would never by a whimsical or novelty cufflink for himself. Then, a woman in his life buys him a set. He wears them, often reluctantly at first, and then realizes how many compliments he receives on them and how they really do bring personality to his style. Then, before we know it, the man himself is a dedicated Jan Leslie customer picking out his own fun, playful and brightly colored cufflinks. Dare we say that sometimes it becomes an addiction? If you think his style needs a bit more personality and whimsy, go for a fun cufflink. We can assure you he’ll grow to love it and embrace even more fun in his personal style.

Valentine's Day Heart CufflinksOur Recommendation: The Horn and Heart Cufflinks

These cufflinks are the ideal way to introduce whimsy into his style for Valentine’s Day. The playful juxtaposition of a full heart and a naughty set of devil horns is a perfect gift for the sweetest day of the year. But it’s the way in which these cufflinks are whimsical and playful while also being somewhat understated that will help ease him into a touch of playfulness in his daily or formal look.

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Of course we know that the men in your life are perfect as is, but if you want to take an opportunity to nudge them in a direction that would make them even more perfect, Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to do that. Get inspired with our ideas above, or browse all of Jan’s Valentine’s Day cufflink ideas