The Fall Feeling: From Seriously ‘70s to Subtle Androgyny, Jan Leslie Talks Trends

Another fall fashion season is here, and that means the focus and attention turn once again to textured, luxurious layered looks. For men, though, the perennial basics are still in play: the tailored jacket isn’t going anywhere, and the most popular color happens to be the easiest one to wear. Still, that doesn’t mean that there’s not PLENTY of personality to be had in this autumn’s looks. Jan Leslie shares her always on-trend takes on and inspirations for this fall’s looks in our seasonal interview with her.


We’d love to hear your thoughts on what you’re selling on the site right now… we’re loving the mix of rich textures with unexpected pops of print and color (but not overdone). Tell us about your inspirations for the collection. My theme (as always) is playful luxury, throughout all my designs. Men can have fun. It doesn’t need to be so serious. It’s a really exciting time for men’s fashion – men are experimenting with color and texture. The NY Times just launched a men’s style section, which is the ultimate barometer of how this genre is growing.


Marcasite Cufflinks for Fall 2015 by Jan Leslie
Marcasite Pave Knot Cufflinks from the Jan Leslie Fall 2015 Collection

How about color? Well, for fall 2015, the big color is grey – which is perfect, because what better backdrop than neutral grey to pair with our signature pops of color (and a little dark marcasite bling…)? The tailored jacket is the most important piece. Around that, you build your statement pieces. It’s like building a house. You can’t put the pretty chandeliers in unless the foundation’s right.


The Wall Street Journal noted that the fall 2015 men’s fashion season is like “the ‘70s without the show – all the best elements of the disco decade.” How do your designs exemplify that? We’re right in that vein. Our marcasite cufflinks are an understated play on a spinning disco ball, replicating the shape and shine of this iconic ‘70s disco fixture. And if you layer our bracelets and necklaces – with their retro materials from puka shells to volcanic lava rocks and Native American-inspired beads — you’ll have a subtle ‘70s aesthetic going (without looking like you belong on Saturday Night Fever, of course).


Marcasite Shark Tooth Cufflinks from Jan Leslie Fall 2015
Jan’s Favorite from the Fall 2015 Collection: Marcasite Shark Tooth Cufflinks

We know how much you love your cufflinks. What are some of your favorites from this collection? First, the marcasite shark-tooth: I love the edgy shark-tooth play against the understated sparkle. Next, the Roman helmet with skulls … these were inspired by a trip to the Roman Coliseum (as well as “Game of Thrones”, which I’m obsessed with). Also, the goose that laid the golden egg for its playful expression of movement and not taking life too seriously.


Bracelets for Men and Women by Jan Leslie
70’s and Tribal-Inspired Bracelets from the Jan Leslie Fall 2015 Collection

How about your favorite bracelets? The thin stone stackable bracelets. All the women at the office are wearing them – not just the men. Enormously thick bracelets are not big anymore. It’s all about layering a lot of thin bracelets together, for maximum visual interest. Like an art piece on your wrist.


Moving outside the men’s world for a minute, which women’s trends or shows inspired you during the recent Fashion Weeks worldwide? We hope that doesn’t sound like too much of a tangent… Not at all. It’s actually a perfect time to bring it up,  because androgyny is sexy. So much of the women’s collections were directly inspired by men’s tailored looks. For goodness’ sake, male models were shown on the runways of some women’s fashion shows (and that doesn’t even count Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson’s genius Zoolander walk-off at the end of the Valentino runway show in Paris … one of the highlights of the week).

The Fall Feeling: From Seriously ‘70s to Subtle Androgyny, Jan Leslie Talks Trends
Article Name
The Fall Feeling: From Seriously ‘70s to Subtle Androgyny, Jan Leslie Talks Trends
Jan Leslie lays out her inspirations and takes on this fall's fashion trends for men and women and her new Fall 2015 accessory collection.