Is This Look Earthy, Or Hippie? We Give You the Verdict.

Is This Look Earthy, Or Hippie? We Give You the Verdict.

With Earth Day rapidly approaching, you’ll notice a lot of style choices that reflect a deeper loving of all things natural. But there’s a fine line between a stylish and earthy look and the look of an aging hippie who just isn’t ready to clean up and let go. How can you tell if your look is the former or the latter? The line isn’t drawn in the sand, but there are some things that we can guide you on. So, without further ado, let’s play “Earthy … or Hippie.”

Long Hair: Earthy or Hippie?

Telling whether your long hair is earthy or hippie is as easy as asking “how clean is my long hair?” That doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to wash your locks every day (it’s actually not healthy for your hair). It also doesn’t mean that you need to keep your hair short and styled to keep from looking like you were born in the seventies. But you do need to keep it clean and use an appropriate product to keep it from flying away on you. Shiny longer hair or sleek ponytails? Those can be earthy – or even urban. Dreadlocks or dirty, long hair? That’s hippie.

Sandals: Earthy or Hippie?

Again, this one truly matters which sandals you’re wearing and how you’re wearing them. We’ve covered the topic of man sandals in detail before on this blog. The short version is that there are many places where sandals are appropriate for him. Summer events where he pairs a great leather sandal with fitted trousers and boating events are two great examples. Where do sandals get “too hippie?” Think aged leather sandals or sporting sandals worn with clothes that aren’t sporting clothes!

The Yin Yang: Earthy or Hippie?

Yin Yang CufflinksThis one is easy! Unless you are wearing a yin yang as a tribute to its Eastern roots, it is always definitively hippie. There is, of course, the opportunity to pay tribute to your hippie roots while also looking stylish, however. That opportunity is to wear your yin yang in the form of Jan’s intricately crafted Gemstone Yin Yang Cufflinks. That way you can take your free spirit into the boardroom with you, but still let others know that you’re a stylishly put together man who still believes in ideals. Choose from three different gemstone patterns – or purchase them all for designer free spiritedness with any look.

Ponchos: Earthy or Hippie?

This one is also incredibly easy! A poncho is always hippie! Unless you are camping, your poncho never needs to be worn alongside your daytime clothing. We will say that the one exception may be that ever so often you see ponchos hit the runway during a spring/summer season show. If you’re pulling off your poncho in the couture way that it’s shown on the runway, then you are truly a step above the average man’s fashion parameter and you should wear whatever you want, whenever you want.

Hemp and Other Natural Fibers: Earthy or Hippie?

Men's Bracelets by Jan LeslieThis is another one where the line can be quite fine. Natural fibers are often used to create stylish and amazingly unique style pieces that complete any look with personality and an eco-friendly touch. Even a hemp bracelet on the right man can look like a well-thought out accessory. But take it too far and you’ll look like your wardrobe came directly from 1970. What’s an easy rule to follow? Just make sure that your natural fiber pieces are used to accent a look rather than as the total look. Too much of anything is not good, and when it comes to natural fibers that can mean looking like you’re coming from a Grateful Dead show.

Speaking of the Grateful Dead…

If you thought that that Grateful Dead t-shirt was going to make you look like a hippie, we have bad news for you. Those shirts have officially passed the threshold into “vintage” and even, dare we say, “hipster cool.” It’s not about the shirt, it’s about how you wear it. Just avoid pairing it with some skinny jeans and you should be okay.


Photo Credit: anslatadams via Flickr

Is This Look Earthy, Or Hippie? We Give You the Verdict.
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Is This Look Earthy, Or Hippie? We Give You the Verdict.
For Earth Day, is his look earthy or hippie? We advise on essentials of the earthy look and ways to avoid looking like an aging hippie.