Holiday Gift Guide 2017

The secret to great gift giving is finding something reflective of the recipient’s personality and what makes them so special.

No matter who you’re shopping for this holiday season, Jan Leslie’s got you covered.


For the Foodie

You can never go wrong with a burger. An onyx patty, carnelian tomato, and malachite lettuce make this sterling silver cufflink set extra delicious.

$695 – order online


For the Beach Bum

These cheery tropical pineapples are a great gift for anyone who’d rather have their toes in the sand. 24k vermeil adds extra shine to this sunny set.

$695 – order online


For the Genius


Anatomical brain cufflinks were made for the one who is the brightest bulb on the tree. A magnetic clasp and a 24k vermeil lightbulb bring whimsy to this brainy accessory.

$695 – order online

For the “Clark Griswold” Type

These festive Santa Claus cufflinks make an excellent gift for anyone who knows how challenging it can be to have a “fun old-fashioned family Christmas” but does whatever it takes to make it happen anyway.

$495  – order online


For the Hipster

These flip emoji cufflinks were made to be liked and reposted. They’re the perfect gift for anyone whose style is #onfleek (or anyone who knows whether or not “on fleek” is a thing people say anymore).

$495  – order online


For the Classic

These vintage-inspired grey mother of pearl cufflinks were designed for anyone capable of giving Don Draper suit envy. This timeless piece is a must-have for any sartorialist.

$395  – order online


For the Sports Fan

Score! These brushed football cufflinks are sure to be a touchdown for any baller.

$395 – order online

For the Patriot

Oh say can you see! We love these star spangled cufflinks for military members, or anyone whose heart beats true for the red white and blue.

$450 – order online

For the One Who’s More Naughty than Nice

They’ve got a dark side and you love them for it. These moving handcuff and key sterling silver cufflinks are a great gift for anyone who’s got a hold on you.

$495 – order online

For the One Who Loves Winter Weather

Moving skier cufflinks are perfect for the person who spends the whole year waiting for it to be cold enough to hit the slopes.

$450 – order online

For the Speed Demon

These red enamel Italian car cufflinks were designed for gearheads, car collectors, or anyone who has the need for speed. They’re definitely a pair of cars worth chasing.

$495 – order online 

For the One Who Makes Your Life Wonderful

You can’t actually give someone the moon, but we’d say these one-of-a-kind sterling silver moonstone cufflinks are a fine substitute that would make George Bailey proud.

$695 – order online


Didn’t find quite what you’re looking for? Shop our full Holiday 2017 gift collection here. 

Order now and avoid last minute shopping (although, if you do leave it to the last minute, we’ve got expedited shipping options available). The less time you spend worrying about buying gifts, the more time you’ll have to spend and make memories with the people you’re buying gifts for.

Isn’t that what the holidays are all about?