Jan’s Gift Guide: Colors of the Hanukkah Season

Hanukkah and Thanksgiving combine this year to form the mashed up Thanksgivukkah. We’re in love with the menu for this combo holiday, and we’re in love with celebrating the season in style. Whether it’s as a gift or to wear for services and festivities, these blue and silver designs from Jan add style to tradition.

We’ve curated our favorites below, but you can also browse all of Jan’s blue cufflink styles and selections

English Enamel Blues: Modernized Styles for Traditional Holidays

Blue Flower CufflinksBlue English Enamel Flower Pattern Cufflinks: A Burst of Blue

Abstract flower patterns find their design root in the art deco era. These blue English enamel cuff links from Jan Leslie combine the classic deco lines of geometric flower patterns with bold, playful colors. Perfect to add holiday spirit to a work day or an after-five event.

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Blue Hanukkah Cufflinks: Criss CrossBlue English Enamel Criss-Cross Oval Cufflinks: Intricately Festive

Bold colors, intricate detail and classic cuff link design all combine in this delightful patterned cuff link from Jan’s English enamel collection. The combination of light blue and deeper navy blue are Hanukkah appropriate but can also be a unique accent piece for any suited up or dress event.

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Blue Hanukkah Cufflinks: Ferris WheelVibrant Blue English Enamel Ferris Wheel Cufflinks: A Bolder Type of Hanukkah

The boldest design in Jan’s latest cycle of English enamel cufflinks, these intricately detailed Ferris Wheel cufflinks feature a bold, electric blue enamel. Eschew conservative styles and add urban flair to your Hanukkah styles with this stand-out design.

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Blue Hanukkah Cufflinks: SquareBlue English Enamel Soft Square Cufflinks: Urban Hanukkah Style

A pigmented enamel combination of navy blue and light blue in a square style give a city flair to Hanukkah looks. Whether you’re heading to holiday related events in the big city or traveling home, take your style with you.

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Unique Take on Hanukkah Style

Blue Enamel Drum CufflinksBang Your Drum for the Hanukkah Season

While the spirit of Hanukkah is reflective by nature, it’s also celebratory. And nothing says celebration like banging your drum and proclaiming your joy. Of course, perhaps your neighbors don’t entirely agree with that statement, so it may be better to participate in your drum banging more metaphorically. A perfect way to do that is with our blue, silver and white enamel drum cufflinks. A joyful gift for the exuberant man.

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Blue Camo CufflinksMilitary Pride Meets Hanukkah Spirit.

For any person who both celebrates Hanukkah and also has ever served with pride (or is currently serving with pride) in the armed forces of any nation, these mother-of-pearl square camo cufflinks combine an appreciation of their important service with the colors of the season. They’re an ideal gift for any man served or who aspires to serve while still being seasonally appropriate.

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Small Blue Working Watch CufflinksA Unique Take on the Traditional Watch Gift

Why buy (another) watch for somebody this Hanukkah season when you can instead treat them to these seasonally colorful blue and stainless steel working watch cufflinks? These watch cufflinks feature a smaller-sized watch face for a more refined look, but they work just as well as larger versions. If you’re not about to buy seasonal blue, they’re also available in gunmetal and white. A perfect and unique gift.

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Blue Gemstone Cufflinks: Hanukkah with an Earthy Feel

Blue Gemstone Button CufflinksBlue Gemstone Button Cufflinks with Braided Rim

Keep it streamlined and simple with his blue cufflink gift for Hanukkah this year with these blue lapis button cufflinks with a subtle (yet detailed) sterling silver setting and braided rim. No need to get complicated with blue detailing or designs. These cufflinks transition from holiday formal to appropriate for the office or any other suited-up event perfectly. He’ll enjoy them for the holiday and then continue to get wear out of them.

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Blue Brick CufflinksBlue Gemstone Brick Cufflinks: Subtle Details Make the Man

These solid gemstone bricks are wrapped in detailed rope designs crafted from 925 sterling silver. The multi-color flecked blue soladite stone creates a look of depth and a richness of color that’s unmatched by other gemstones. A unique style for any occasion or time of day or night.

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Blue Gemstone Ombre CufflinksBlue Ombre Gemstone Cufflinks

The varying shades of blue in these mother-of-pearl gemstone cufflinks are ideal for the Hanukkah season and are just as ideal to wear throughout the other eleven months of the year. Not only do these cufflinks capture the color of the holiday, they’re also incredibly unique and take gemstone design to a modern level. Ombre has been trending for some time now, and it’s still an ideal style to incorporate into a gift.

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Blue Gemstone Rose CufflinksBlue Gemstone Rose Cufflinks

For a look that’s more detailed (and that has a certain art-deco throw back feel to it), gift him these blue mother-of-pearl geometric rose cufflinks. Another truly unique use of gemstone is complete in seasonal colors for an accent piece that’s less streamlined and more intricate than many other gemstone cuff link options. Plus, if it’s snowy where you celebrate these will inspire thoughts of spring.

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