Which Halloween Icon Has the Best Style?

Which Halloween Icon Has the Best Style?

Last year, we gave style advice for vampires and we naturally assumed that a vampire would be the most stylish of all of the Halloween icons. But this year were began thinking, which of the classic Halloween icons really has the best style when you take a closer look? After we thought it through, we may not have had the same belief as when we started. Take a look at our summary of the four most classic Halloween icons and see if you agree with our final conclusion.

The Vampire: Yes, He’s Very Sexy.

We all know that every vampire ever has had impeccable style (yes, even Edward Cullen and his obsession with grey tones). This would be an easy pick for the most stylish Halloween icon ever, but we have a bit of a gripe. Vampires are a little too put together. It feels a little bit as though too much effort was put in to make everything perfect, and the best style icons also have a sense of something casual and unexpected. So while we do love a well-dressed man of the night, the vampire isn’t ultimately our pick for the best styled Halloween Icon.

Vampire CufflinksWhat the Vampire is Accessorizing With … Curved Square Cuff Links in Deep Black Onyx

These sleek cuff links are simple in style but complex in nature. The unmatched hue of black onyx stone is set in sterling silver hardware and given an extra attention to detail with a curved design. Why would a vampire love these? Because vampire’s love monochrome black almost as much as they love fine design. If there’s a vampire out nursing a martini in a bar while on the prowl this Halloween, you can be assured he’s wearing these.




Frankenstein: Grunge Was So Yesteryear, but Tech is Hot, So…

It would be easy to write Frankenstein off. After all, we all moved past flannel shirts and pants with intentional holes in them about a decade ago. Unlike us, Frankenstein held on to that look. So we were ready to write him off as hopelessly out of style. Then we noticed that he has wearable tech. We don’t know exactly what those bolts in his head do, but we do know that they’re just about as cool as any phone wearable out there right now and probably a lot more powerful. So we ended up torn on the style factor of Frankenstein. Points lost for being a decade behind, but points gained for wearable tech.

Frankenstein CufflinksWhat Frankenstein is Accessorizing With … Stainless Steel Small Faced Watch Cufflinks

Why stop with head bolts when it comes to wearable tech? Frankenstein probably has a Fit Bit as well, and he’s completing the look with these stainless steel working watch cufflinks. These latest working watch cufflinks from Jan Leslie have a smaller watch face for a more blended and subtle look and are available in three different colors to match any ensemble – even if that ensemble includes ripped sleeves and a grungy edge.




The Ghost: Vintage is Cool, But…

Your average Victorian ghost would have been another easy pick for most well-styled. After all, they come from an era when style was everything. But you can definitely have too much vintage. The way to work vintage in the current era is to strategically mix it with other more modern pieces. But your Victorian ghost is just going to take it over the top. Any style choice can be too much, which is why we eliminated this option.

Ghost CufflinksWhat the Victorian Ghost is Accessorizing With Marcasite Round Cuff Links

Some ghosts are just never able to let go of the old world look and feel. That’s why a classic and understated cuff link design like these traditional round cuff links with marcasite gemstones are the perfect look. A ghost can feel a connection to the old-world and classic styles when he’s wearing these cuff links either with or without doublet sleeves!




The Werewolf: Beards are In…

Just a few short years ago, we would have written the werewolf off as a hot styled mess. But then the hipster revolution hit and suddenly beards, mutton chops and facial hair in general are all the rage. Sure, your average werewolf is going to look like a hot clothing mess with his flannel and his ripped looks, but that’s a choice. There’s nothing that says a werewolf can’t put something nicer on over top of his hipster hair. He can even top it off with a hat. That’s why we’re actually giving werewolves the most stylish award for Halloween icon this year. Agree or disagree? And if you disagree, is it because you’re definitively anti-hipster?

Werewolf CufflinksWhat the Werewolf is Accessorizing With Hipster Mustache Cufflinks

You don’t need to be a hipster or even wear skinny jeans to appreciate a fine, classic mustache. In fact, chances are the werewolf in your life will bust right out of those skinny jeans when the first full moon triggers his hairy change. Not one for having to groom facial hair yourself? Embrace the mustache trend with these silver cuff links. Also available as a tie bar for the dressier version of a werewolf.





Photo Credit: Nathan Rupert via Flickr

Which Halloween Icon Has the Best Style?
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Which Halloween Icon Has the Best Style?
Vampire, ghost, werewolf or Frankenstein? Who has the best Halloween style of them all? Our pick may surprise you. See more at Jan Leslie of NYC.