Surfside Grooms: Styling Him for a Beach Wedding

We adore a good beach wedding. There’s something so hopelessly romantic about the sound of crashing waves behind the loveliest of vows. In the interest of full disclosure, we’ll also concede that part of our love of a beach wedding is because it typically means having to take a trip to the destination of said beach wedding. But above all else, we love the optics of a beach wedding. Formal and flowing meets casual and carefree. And while you’ll find plenty of articles out there with tips on how to style the bride for a beach wedding, you’ll find far fewer for styling a groom, groomsman or male wedding guest. We’ve put our best beach foot forward with our five favorite tips for making sure he’s beach-ready for beach-nuptials.

Tip Number One: It’s All About the Shoes!

Brides aren’t the only ones obsessing about their shoes! While your groom may or may not be as shoe-driven as you are, he’ll have to think at least a bit about what he wants to wear for both style and practicality for a beach wedding. He’ll also need to have one important piece of information at hand. What’s the piece of information? Will you be exchanging vows and walking down the aisle directly on the sand or will there be structures available for each activity? If the answer is the former, then you need to take practicality into account. While we love sandals for beach weddings, you can also choose boat shoes or dock shoes for a more formal, closed toe look. But if you’re walking on the sand, you’ll want to be careful about shiny leather shoes with heels. They slide on the sand and nobody wants a disaster. You’ll also want to take into account what time of day your wedding is. Will the sand be hot? If so, avoid anything that will expose too much skin to the sand for him. While shoe styling is important for him for a beach wedding, shoe practicality is perhaps even more important.

Tip Number Two: Light Fabrics That Catch the Breeze

One of the best things about a beach wedding is that the ocean breeze complements your wedding setting. For her, that means perfect windswept hair and skirts. For him, the benefits can be that perfect windswept side panel of a jacket or pant leg. But for that effect to take place, he’ll need to be wearing a suit or wedding casual ensemble that is light and airy enough to let the breeze catch it. Of course linen is an optimal choice, but bear in mind that you’ll need to not only have it professionally ironed beforehand but linen will also wrinkle significantly during your wedding and reception. If he’s going with a linen suit, make sure you get your best photos early. Linen is truly the best call for a suit both for that windswept look and to beat the heat, but if you’re willing to go for a more casual look, cottons make for amazing beach wedding photos.

Tip Number Three: For the After Five Beach Wedding …

While most beach weddings take advantage of the beautiful scenery and weather of an afternoon ceremony, sunset and after-five on the beach is cooler and just as beautiful. It also typically means an uptick in the formality of your wedding attire. We’re going to take a stance and say that we don’t think that a beach wedding can, in most cases, meet all of the required standards for a black tie event. However, it can be incredibly formal. For that after-five groom or guest, consider a suit-tuxedo, a tuxedo without the formality of a cummerbund that resembles an extremely formal suit. Also consider letting go of the tie or bowtie for a more casual collar look. The key to after-five styling for him at a beach wedding is finding that perfect blend of formal evening wear and the casualness associated with the beach. We have faith that you can do it!

Tip Number Four: Beach or Otherwise, Keep It Truly Him

Our next tip applies to any wedding at any location. It’s not unheard of for a bride or wedding planner to have a vision for the day. But remember that this is the groom’s day as well. He needs to feel comfortable and, most importantly, like himself. Talk to your groom (or date) about how he wants to express himself, and then work with him to create a look that does exactly that. That may mean Converse shoes, a casual bracelet accent or even a pop of color. Just remember that it’s his day, too. Beach or otherwise, he gets to control his style.

Tip Number Five: It’s All About the Accessories

For brides, grooms and everybody in between, wedding style is all about the accessories. For him, here are our favorite five bracelets and cufflinks for his beachside nuptials.

Blue Shell Cufflinks

Beach Wedding Accessories for Him: Shell CufflinksButton cufflinks for the ocean-inclined. Whether he’s a beach-dweller by nature or daily nostalgic for vacation time by the shore, these cufflinks manifest days spent with toes in the water and pant cuffs rolled up. Hand-selected pieces of sea shell are dyed rich blue and set in sterling silver cufflinks for a look that’s unquestionably urban beach.

Blue Wave Cufflinks

Beach Wedding Style for Him: Wave CufflinksThe calming and powerful sense of the ocean is captured on these unique cufflinks. Deep tonal blue lapis gemstone buttons are set in sterling silver cufflinks. Atop the blue lapis, a sterling silver laser cut rolling wave smoothly transitions the look. These cufflinks are designed for the water lover at heart and are a perfect gift set for the coastal male.

Oyster Shell and Pearl Cufflinks

Beach Wedding Style for Him: Oyster CufflinksThe lure of the perfect pearl from deep within the mysterious and coveted shell of an oyster is both romantic and a touch playful. These sterling silver cufflinks present as a detailed, closed oyster shell. However the whimsical surprise is that they open to reveal a perfect tiny pearl. Forget the oyster diving and instead accent with the most pristine of the oyster patch.

Brass, Shell and Beach Bracelet

Beach Wedding Style for Him: Shell BraceletCapture the tribal feel of a found-object beach bracelet with the intentional feel of an urban design. This brass and shell bracelet features wider beading for a hint of an industrial feel as well as an elastic base for a continuous look with no closure hardware needed. It’s an ideal way to incorporate a casual hint to a suited up look or to add an edge to any daywear look.

Indonesian Beaded Bracelet

Beach Wedding Style for Him: Indonesian Bead BraceletIndonesian beads are famous for their handmade quality that leaves each one a different shape and size than the next. Embody this uniqueness with a refined men’s bracelet that makes for a cool, laidback addition to any cuff.


Surfside Grooms: Styling Him for a Beach Wedding
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Surfside Grooms: Styling Him for a Beach Wedding
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