Our Favorite Green Cufflink Looks for St. Patrick’s Day

Our Favorite Green Cufflink Looks for St. Patrick’s Day

We all know that the green accessories will be out and about on March 17th. After all, what’s St. Patrick’s Day without glittery hats, green beer (or fine whiskey) and a touch of the luck o’ the Irish in every possible spot? But it doesn’t have to be all party supply green touches to celebrate the coming of spring and the over-indulging of spirits. Turn his style perfectly festive and fun with some of our favorite green cufflinks from the Jan Leslie collection.

Just For Fun – Get Froggy This St. Patrick’s Day

Green Frog and Cigar CufflinksIt may not be a leprechaun, but the frog is also a symbol of luck and, of course, a delightful and vibrant green color. Jan Leslie has an entire collection of frog cufflinks, but our current pick for St. Patrick’s Day is the off-color and somewhat surly Frog and Cigar cufflinks.

For your stogie smoking prince charming, these cufflinks are the perfect accent piece. A sterling silver happy-go-lucky frog smokes a big, delicious looking cigar on each cuff. Hand-painted green and yellow enamel make these cufflinks bright enough for the big personality who wears them and detailed enough for the man who knows quality – in a cigar or a cufflink set.


Take It Hipster Style With Neon Green

Neon Green Ferris Wheel CufflinksWho says that your St. Patrick’s Day green needs to be the green of fields and clover? Maybe you’re just a little more individualistic than that! If so, opt for a less traditional shade of green with your cufflinks or other accessories. Something that says a little more “rave” and a little less “dark whiskey bar.” Our pick is Jan’s English Enamel Ferris Wheel cufflinks in neon green.

If he’s a man of optimism, color and a bold style that doesn’t overlook the intricacies of attention to detail, then these classic English enamel cufflinks in a minute Ferris Wheel pattern combine everything about him into one ideal accessory. Choose from neon green (featured), navy blue or grey and purple.


Think Spring and Go Lighter With the Green

Pastel Green CufflinksFor many parts of the country, March 17th is also the (hopefully) very beginning of the warm spring weather. That means the perfect opportunity to lighten up his wardrobe and jump into the fray with pastels. If he’s looking to combine spring green with St. Patricks’ Day, we recommend Jan’s Colorful Rope Pattern English Enamel Button Cufflinks in light green.

Sometimes you do want to be roped in with your style – particularly when that rope is the textured patterning on these colorful English enamel cufflinks. A sterling silver round button cufflink is painted with rich English enamel in light green, pastel pink or purple or rich red and a textured rope pattern is worked into the enamel painting. Add a dash of color to any suited-up look with the refined detailing of texturized pattern treatment.


Go Bold. Deep Green Enamel Cufflinks.

Bold Green English Enamel CufflinksOf course, for many, it’s not St. Patricks’ Day unless the green is bold and deep. Jan has an English Enamel shade for that as well. Opt for the deep green version of her Colorful Black Border English Enamel cufflinks.

These English enamel cufflinks are all about the bold choices – from thick lines to vibrant colors. A sterling silver angled octagon shape has a thick black enamel border with accents. Inside a textured, patterned smaller octagon is hand-painted in one of four pigmented English enamels: purple, red, orange or green. A slight retro feel combines with a playful design for a cufflink that livens up any look.



Photo Credit: cobalt123 via Flickr

Our Favorite Green Cufflink Looks for St. Patrick’s Day
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Our Favorite Green Cufflink Looks for St. Patrick’s Day
What are the most fun and stylish green cufflink options for St. Patrick's Day? Jan Leslie makes their picks.