Golf Cuff Links. The Ultimate Gift … to Yourself.

“If you watch a game, it’s fun. If you play it, it’s recreation. If you work at it, it’s golf.” Bob Hope

Golf Cuff Links

Golf is the passion of many and the obsession of many more. Most men will tell you that once you take your first swing, the lure of the green and the ability to compete both against yourself and others is irresistible.  Before long you’ll be spending every Saturday cruising along on your golf cart and every Sunday watching the professionals on TV. (We don’t care what anybody says, golf on TV is great to watch.) From the club house to the office, there are great ways to incorporate your passion into your everyday look  – or even your formal look! Here are some of our best golf accessory tips.


No Golf Sweater is Complete Without Cuff Links

Especially as the fall season starts to settle in, nobody is hitting the greens or the driving range without a warm, soft golf sweater. And be honest, you miss the tee so much when you’re not out there that you’re most likely wearing your golf sweater around the house as well. Possibly even to family dinner? Underneath your golf sweater is your button-up, and that means that no golf sweater ensemble is complete without the perfect accent of golf cuff links.


What Do We Love? The Swinging Golfer Cuff Link.

Golfer CufflinksJan’s painstakingly detailed hand-painted enamel swinging golfer is also sporting his best golf sweater and a traditional golf cap. These cuff links have so much unique detail, including a moving swing, that you may even be able to distract your competitive golf buddies from their game with them.


The Classic Golf Cuff Link: Tees and Balls

Life is full of unfortunate events that pull you away from the golf greens: weddings, family dinners, even that unnecessary thing we call career and work. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t embrace the memory of your true life with a club and a bag of balls no matter where you are. No matter what your partner or wife may tell you, golf cuff links are always appropriate!


Golf Ball cufflinksWhat Do We Love? Golf Ball and Tee Cuff Links

As Seen In Travel and Leisure Magazine. This classic golf cuff link design with vibrantly painted blue golf teens and perfectly textured golf balls look as great with your daily suit as with your black-tie tuxedo.




Our Pick for Best Golf Cuff Links: Work or Golf Spinners

Golf Spinner CufflinksWhen you can’t decide whether you should slave away at work or ditch it all and head to the golf course, let these movable spinning cuff links make the choice for you. Of course, you may have to spin them several times to get the answer you wanted! Don’t worry. Most things in life don’t happen on the first try and persistence counts!


What’s your golf style? Browse all of Jan’s golf cuff links and find the one that you’ll be wearing next weekend.