Give and Give Back: Style with Purpose with Jan Leslie’s LightningLinks Collection


A stroke is a complex and terrifying event. When blood flow stops, muscle memories disappear.

Jan Leslie has collaborated with Maxwell Silverstein, Neuroscience Researcher, High School Senior, and Founder of FIRE,
Maxwell designed LightningLinks cufflinks, tie bars and upcoming lapel pin as a gift to help others. All proceeds from LighteningLinks go to fund further research at Johns Hopkins Human Brain Physiology and Stimulation Laboratory.
The purchase of LightningLinks allows anyone the privilege of saving the life of a stroke victim and returning the thrill of movement and an active mind to an active person . Wear a beautiful reminder of the gift of life.

LightningLinks: Now available on

More About Johns Hopkins Human Brain Physiology and Stimulation Laboratory.

“After a Stroke, Therapy Gets Faster.”

At Dr. Pablo Celnik’s lab at Johns Hopkins University, the research focuses on the underlying mechanisms of motor learning.
The lab’s innovative use of treadmill training is designed to enhance the rehabilitation of a stroke victim’s gait.

Article Name
LightningLinks Men's Collection to Benefit Stroke Research
The LightningLinks men's accessories collection results in a donation to stroke research at Johns Hopkins with every purchase.