Spirited Style: Seven Occasions When Football Cuff Links are Game On

“Winning is not a sometime thing, it is an all the time thing. You don’t do things right once in a while – you do them right all the time.” – Vince Lombardi

Football Season Cuff Links

Are you a super fan with style? We know that on Sundays for the next six months, Americans will eat, drink, sleep and breathe football. From local high school fields to the pros, Americans adore their fall sport. And for the Jan Leslie-styled man, that can mean a detailed football cuff link set. In fact, Jan Leslie makes a series of custom-color football cuff links so that you can perfectly express your style and your team spirit. But not every moment is the right moment to pull out the designer football cuff links. Here are seven times when football-themed cuff links are over the goal line instead of over the top!


In the Box: Are you headed to watch your favorite pro or college team from the luxury of a VIP box? If so, leave the jersey at home and dress to the occasion with a crisp shirt and football cuff links.

Homecoming Weeks: For college alumni, a trip back for homecoming is a perfect opportunity to show them how far you’ve come with football cuff links in your alma mater’s color.


Senior Night: For both high school and college football families, senior night is an ideal time for proud fathers to add some style to this formal occasion with cuff links. It’s also an ideal time to give the gift of heirloom football cuff links to your graduating senior turf star.


At the Club: No, we don’t mean the VIP table in Vegas. If you’re headed to your country or golf club, a little fun flair while out on the greens can give you another reason to jaw with your tee time companions about the superior team.


To Celebrate a Winning Season: Victory is sweet, but victory with style is even sweeter. Feel free to wear your football cuff links on Monday’s to remind all of your co-workers whose team was dominant. It’s a subtle way to remind everybody (including yourself) that winning matters.


Super Bowl Style: Of course, there’s no better place to wear football cuff links, especially in your team colors, than to the Super Bowl itself. The Super Bowl is an event, so be sure to dress like it is. Whether you’re attending the big game or watching on the world’s biggest television, feel free to accessorize to match.


During the Day – But Less Literal. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with showing your team spirit every day. You may want to pick something a little less literal, however. If football cuff links are a comfort zone for you, then feel free to wear them every day. But if you need something more conservative for work or for a black tie event, select a pair of cuff links with a more traditional style but in your team colors. You’ll still be able to sport your pride, but in a more subtle way.


Sports spirit and style don’t have to be mutually exclusive. From selecting the color of your tie or pocket square to taking it the extra notch with football fan cuff links, you can be a FAN of style!


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