Five Valentine’s Day Gifts that Show Commitment

Five Valentine's Day Gifts that Show Commitment

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. For some, that will mean the ultimate gift of commitment, popping the big question. In fact, last year we gave you tips for the ultimate Valentine’s Day proposal. But not every relationship is at a point where it’s time to put a ring on it. That doesn’t mean that your relationship isn’t on the way there, and it doesn’t mean that you don’t ultimately want to give your sweetheart a gift that says that you’re one hundred percent committed to him or her. But what do you give in these instances? You’ll want to avoid flowers or food – there’s nothing permanent about those and in truth they actually send the message that you didn’t put a great deal of thought into your gift. So what should you give? Here are five gifts that say, “I’m yours…forever.”

A Fine Clock: Make Time Your Gift

A clock in and of itself may not be the most romantic gift that you’ve ever heard of, but like many things in life it’s all in the presentation. We assure you that your partner will be reduced to tears when he or she hears or reads your message that the clock was picked out because it was a reminder that the two of you will spend the rest of time together. Of course, it should go without saying that not just any old clock will do. Take the time to find and purchase a clock that’s not only top-of-the-line but that also aesthetically matches what your partner loves. Or, if you’ve left everything until the last minute, but a clock at your local drug store and really make sure to nail it with your gift message.

Jan Leslie Watch CufflinksFor Him: Put It on His Wrist with Jan Leslie Watch Cufflinks

If you love the idea of a fine clock as a Valentine’s Day gift and want to put a twist on the concept for the man in your life, give him working watch cufflinks from Jan Leslie. Each intricately crafted pair of cufflinks has a working watch face with styles ranging from modern sports styles to vintage-inspired styles. He’ll always be reminded that your gift to him was the gift of all of the time he could ever want from you, and he’ll be reminded of that in style. Shop Working Watch Cufflinks

Vintage or Antique Gifts: It’s About Aging Beautifully Together

Some things in this world age beautifully, just like your love is sure to do! Hit your local vintage or antique dealer and find the perfect gift that will convey this message to your loved one. Long after the new, shiny part of falling in love has worn off, what the two of you will have will last forever and will only become more lovely and valuable with age. That’s the message of a fine antique gift. Again, put some time into it and be sure to find an item that’s old, lovely and something your partner will appreciate.

Jewelry: Something He or She Can Wear for the Rest of Ever

Cards fade. Words give way to memory. Items come and go. Flowers wilt. Chocolate gets eaten. But jewelry can take on a life of its own. Not only can the recipient think of you every time that he or she wears it in daily life, but it can be a special piece that he or she pulls out every holiday to remind them of the thoughtfulness of your gift. And jewelry doesn’t have to end its lifespan with the recipient. It can be passed down from generation to generation so that a symbol of your love lives on. Engagement and wedding rings aren’t the only jewelry that can represent your love. Any piece that he or she can put on can by a symbol that withstands time.

Jan Leslie Heart LocketFor Her: Let Her Know Her That You Have the Key to Her Heart

Make sure that she knows that her heart belongs to only you by giving her this sterling silver charm that depicts the lock that keeps all other suitors out. Her love is yours and yours alone and she wants to make sure that others know it as much as you do. A perfect anniversary or Valentine’s Day gift for the woman you love. Crafted in 925 sterling silver with an anti-tarnish rhodium finish, we promise she’ll wear this locket every day as a reminder that her heart is taken. Shop the Look

A Pet: Nothing Says Commitment Like Caring for a Living Creature Together

No, it’s not a baby. And truthfully if you’re not ready for a ring than you’re not ready for a baby! But the ties of love for another creature not only bond two people together, they also show that you’re there to stick around to care for both the pet and your partner. We, of course, recommend making sure that your partner is also interested in and willing to care for an animal (as well as ensuring that his or her place of residence will support having a pet), but you may be surprised how much your love for each other grows when it also involves the love for another creature. And, of course, adopt don’t shop! There are many pets out there looking for a forever home and a forever family to love.

A Vacation: Because At Least You’re Committing to Still Be Around for It

Let’s say that you’ve read all of the ideas above, and they all still feel like a little too much commitment to you. We’re not here to judge, we’re here to give advice. So get a vacation together for you and your loved one. Sure, it doesn’t say “I’m here forever.” But it does say, “I’ll still be here to take this vacation with you. It may not be a ring, but at least it’s some assurance!


Photo Credit: Jeremy Brooks via Flickr

Five Valentine's Day Gifts that Show Commitment
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Five Valentine's Day Gifts that Show Commitment
Not ready to put a ring on it? Five Valentine’s Day gifts that show commitment without setting a date to say “I do.”