Five Halloween Date Ideas to Wow Your Date With

Five Halloween Date Ideas to Wow Your Date With

No matter how well styled you are, you won’t get far in your courting routine if you’re pulling out the same tired Halloween dates. We have all seen enough horror movies to last a lifetime and nobody wants to attend yet another apple orchard festival. That said, there are dozens of creative and fun ideas for Halloween dates that you can use to really wow your perspective mate. What are they, you might be asking? We’ve tallied up our favorite five to get you started.

When Was the Last Time You Saw the Rocky Horror Picture Show?

While seeing Friday the Thirteenth Part Six Hundred in theaters is a fairly played out date, most major cities have a Rocky Horror Picture Show revival somewhere in town every Halloween season. For most adults, the last time they enjoyed this fun romp was likely college or shortly after, so taking your date to see a live Rocky Horror showing isn’t just fun, it’s also nostalgic. And, if you’re lucky, you may have a date that’s actually never seen this American classic. Do a little digging to find out where near you there’s a seasonal revival and then get ready to throw popcorn (and possibly get messy yourself).

Halloween Wolf Cufflinks


Perfect for Halloween Style…Howling Wolf Cufflinks

His wolf nature doesn’t just come out at night. It comes out in the board room, at after-five events and even as he’s stalking his next networking connection at black tie events. These cufflinks from Jan’s At the Lodge collection are the perfect accessory for him. He can virtually howl at the moon by glancing down at them even when he has to practice more refinement and box up his animal nature.



Or, Stick to Movies. The Black and White Kind.

If you’re looking for a romantic Halloween date idea, create the perfect classic Halloween movie festival right in your own home. Stick to classics like Bela Lugosi. Upgrade the popcorn from industrial and fake-buttered to gourmet and perfectly seasoned by you. Skip the gallon-sized sodas and opt for a nice bottle of autumn red instead. Forget uncomfortable seats and pile on the warm blankets. Most of all, be sure to set the mood with some candles and possibly even an adult-themed trick-or-treat bag.

Go Trick-or-Treating  … With Credit Card in Hand.

If your partner-in-crime loves the feel of a shopping bag in their hands, then you should take them trick-or-treating. Just put an emphasis on the “treat” part. Pick an outdoor shopping venue where you can wander between stores with a seasonal pumpkin or cider beverage (or possibly even a seasonal flask) and let your date pick one treat from each store you visit. Of course, trick or treating is only fun if the costume is included – so make Halloween costumes a mandatory part of the fun.

Get Outdoors and Go for a Roll in the Hay

Go throwback and romantic (and give a reason for a snuggle) all in one date with a trip to your local hayride location. If you’re very urban, this may involve a drive which gives you a perfect opportunity to also make it an overnight or weekend event. The hayride itself is sure to bring back memories, and you can surround your hayride time with a seasonal and festive meal and warm cider beverages afterwards.

Halloween Owl Cufflinks


Perfect for Halloween Style…Hatching Baby Owl Cufflinks

Jan’s hatching baby animal cufflinks were the birth of a new line when she introduced the first ones in the Spring of 2014. Now a new critter joins the ranks just in time for the fall season. These hatching baby owls with mother-of-pearl shells take the owl trend and turn it into a powerful symbol of the start of a journey to wisdom and patience. Or, maybe you just think that they’re adorable!



You’re Never Too Old for a Haunted House

You may think of haunted houses as the dominion of teenagers and kids, but hidden cameras inside of many of them have captured that they’re just as frightening for adults. Everybody loves a good scare, so plan your Halloween date night around a trip to your local haunted house. What you decide to do after a good scare has your adrenaline pumping is up to you!


Photo Credit: Bart van Maarseveen via Flickr

Five Halloween Date Ideas to Wow Your Date With
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Five Halloween Date Ideas to Wow Your Date With
Don't just pull out the same tired date ideas this Halloween. We have five unique ideas to make you the master of All Hallow's Eve.