Fall Hats for Him: Yes, No or Only If You Do It Right?

Fall Hats for Him: Yes, No or Only If You Do It Right?


Fall weather is coming – or in some cases is already here. That means that he’s making adjustments to his look and his wardrobe if for no other reason than to keep warm (and, no, we don’t mean pulling out his “fall look” team football or hockey jerseys or sweaters). One of the most common pieces of wardrobe change for the fall will include is a hat. After all, 90% of your body’s heat can be kept in – or can escape from – your head. Is the hat an appropriate style choice? And if so does it matter which hat you wear? We have tips for men’s hat styles for fall and into winter.

The Hat of the Season: The Fedora

The first thing that you need to know is that there is a very definitive hat that is the style for fall/winter 2014, and that hat is the fedora. It was all over the runways for the men’s looks for this fall/winter season. We’re on record as saying that while the fedora is a slick looking hat, you need to be aware that it is easy to go overboard with it. You want to look more Mad Men and less classic Batman.  Part of how you accomplish this will have to do with the size of the fedora that you choose. Choose a fedora that’s too big and you’re going to end up looking like a cartoon character. But a properly sized modern fedora is the perfect capper (no pun intended) for this fall season.

Tie Bars by Jan LesliePair a Fedora with a Jan Leslie Signature Tie Bar

The best way to complete a look with a dapper hat like a fedora is to add another dapper accessory – in this case a classic tie bar. Jan’s tie bars are crafted from pure sterling silver and have been featured in fashion publications for him such as Details magazine. Understated but unquestionably stylish, choose from a variety of looks with intricate details, each perfect to complement your hat!





When Hat’s Go Wrong: Wearing Your Team Hat to Anything But a Game

We probably think that there are actually better hats to wear to sporting events themselves than team-spirit toboggans, but we’re willing to let that attitude go if we have to. What’s not appropriate is wearing that team spirit hat (and yes, we mean baseball hats, too) to any encounter that isn’t either a game, a sporting event itself or yard work. You can have your team spirit hats. But you need to ensure that for the cooler weather seasons you also have a dressier hat.

About Those Toboggans and Skull Caps

This is a grey area in our book. Because the truth is that in winter these hats will be the most effective, and they can also look appropriate if you’re careful with color choice and sizing and avoid anything that has a huge “bobble” on the end. But the flip side is that they can also look sloppy. As the Swedes say, “There is no bad weather, only bad clothing.” That is particularly true when it comes to hats that are designed to keep you warm. There are good versions – and there are bad versions. If in doubt, remember that the less obvious your hat is, the better.

Are News Caps so Last Year?

Last year, the hipster revolution meant that everywhere you turned you saw a news cap or a pie hat. Are those still trending? We wouldn’t say trending. But we would say that you’ll still look perfectly fine in them as well as that they’re a big improvement over toboggans and the like. If you still have a news cap or pie hat that you love, you can still rock it this season. Just, you know, be gentle with the hipster elements.

And the Big No-No – Earmuffs or  Ear Flaps

We probably shouldn’t need to tell you to avoid earmuffs and hats with ear flaps, but just in case it wasn’t immediately obvious, unless you live in Alaska and are headed out on a snow mobile, these are just no-no’s.

Fall Hats for Him: Yes, No or Only If You Do It Right?
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Fall Hats for Him: Yes, No or Only If You Do It Right?
What hats should (and shouldn't) he be wearing this fall to stay on-trend and warm at the same time? We've run it down for you with simple tips.