Fall 2014’s Surprising On-Trend Accent Color for Him is …. Orange

Fall 2014’s Surprising On-Trend Accent Color for Him is …. Orange


We always love it when we see bright colors hit the runway, but we also always mentally prepare ourselves for fall and winter seasons when the colors tend to be more muted and darker. That’s why we were so happy during the fall and winter 2014 runway shows for men’s fashion to see that this fall season’s hottest accent color for him was orange. And not a burnt fall orange, either. A solid, bright, fun orange.

We suppose we shouldn’t have been that surprised given last season’s popularity of highlighter bright colors for him, but we’ll admit that we couldn’t contain our excitement.

Who’s Showing Orange on the Runway?

Orange first made its prominence for fall/winter 2014 known at the London runway shows for men where anybody who was anybody had an orange component to their collection. Richard Nicoll, Topman Design, Christopher Kane, Tom Ford and DSquared2 all showed variations of orange style on the runways (though they were not the only ones!). From an everyday wearable pale orange shirt to bright orange outer coats and bomber jackets, the color wasn’t just all over, it was on just about every variety of clothing or accessory you could see.

What to Pair Orange With

On the runways, orange got paired with just about any color you can imagine – from conventional navy to dark charcoal grey. But it also got paired with black, which can be a risk unless you like the idea of looking like Halloween. We’re not saying that you should never pair orange with black. We’re simply saying that you should be cautious when you do. There’s a fine line between orange being a splashy accent on a black base and you looking like you should be putting in plastic fangs and handing out candy corn.

Orange English Enamel CufflinksOur Favorite Orange Combo – Light Blue and Orange

Jan’s collection of English Enamel cufflinks features many bright colors and no shortage of orange. We have to admit that our personal favorites, however, are these light blue and orange swirl pinwheel cufflinks. Not only do they bring a dash of orange to your look, but their detailed hand-painted enamel and offset lighter color makes them consistently “not too much.”



Great Places to Incorporate Orange in Smaller Amounts

If you’re ready to embrace orange outerwear or bomber jackets, we applaud you! But for many men there’s a comfort level with those types of bright colors that needs to be built up to. If that’s the case, you may want to start with using these smaller accessories to work orange into your fall and winter look.

Scarves: Whether it’s a fashion statement scarf or a scarf that’s actually used to keep you warm and comfortable in harsh east coast winters, scarves are a great opportunity to throw bright colors in general into the mix. Whether it’s a solid color scarf or a patterned scarf that includes your accent color, use this accessory to incorporate orange into your fall and winter wardrobe.

Ties and Pocket Squares: While there are obviously much more fashion-forward ways to incorporate orange into your style, we’d suggest that you make sure that you have at least one orange tie (and pocket square if you wear them) for fall and winter 2014. Again, you can choose from a solid color or a patterned option.

Vests: We think that one of the best ways to incorporate orange this fall is with a vest. It’s not as bold as an outerwear jacket or a shirt, but it’s still a significant amount of orange in any outfit. From a darker burnt orange to a brighter highlighter orange, a vest is a great way to have a solid amount of orange without it being the front-facing piece of your ensemble.

And, Of Course, Cufflinks: You may be surprised how many orange cufflink options there are in the Jan Leslie collection (we’ve featured some of them in this blog). Cufflinks are a very small, subtle way to have that splash of orange that catches the eye without having to use a larger piece of color that you may not feel comfortable in.

Orange Ladybug CufflinksOrange and Lucky – Petite Ladybug Cufflinks in Orange

Jan’s iconic ladybug cufflinks are among her best-selling designs, and these petite ladybug versions are a smaller but just as colorful version. But these two colors are the last of their kind! Get out your bug net and catch the blue or orange version of these sterling silver ladybug cufflinks with hand-painted orange or blue enamel before they’re gone forever.




We’re delighted that orange is big on the runway this season, and we’re hoping that you or the man in your life embraces it fully. Just remember, color is bold. And you want to be bold!


Photo Credit: Pat M2007 via Flickr

Fall 2014’s Surprising On-Trend Accent Color for Him is Orange
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Fall 2014’s Surprising On-Trend Accent Color for Him is Orange
Believe it or not, the color that was all over the men's style runways for fall and winter 2014 was orange. We have advice on wearing this color with flair.