Happy Australia Day! Down Under Accessories for Him.

Happy Australia Day! Down Under Accessories for Him.

Today is National Australia Day and it’s inspired us to … surf! Ok, that is a falsehood since a) where we live it is winter and freezing cold and b) we don’t know how to surf. Plus, there is plenty more to Australia than just surfing. It’s a diverse and beautiful country full of friendly and wonderful people. What National Australia Day did inspire us to do, however, was show you our favorite cufflinks for the Aussie man – or just the man how fancies himself Aussie like.

We All Love Crocodile Dundee.

Crocodile CufflinksHe may have been a bit of a parody of the men of the Australian outback, but he was still the rugged manly inspiration for many men and the cute-accented crush of many women. That’s why our first pick for an Aussie-inspired cufflink look are Jan’s Enamel Crocodile Cufflinks. They’re a perfect representation of the signature animal of the most famous Australian movie character we can think of. Fortunately for the Aussie-lovers out there, Jan has a complete collection of crocodile cufflinks, including gemstone encrusted crocodiles and baby crocodiles.




Speaking of the Surf … Shark Attack!

Shark CufflinksThis, by the way, is just another reason we don’t surf. While we don’t want to minimize the seriousness of a shark attack, it’s also a common thread with the surfers of Australia and shark sightings are fairly common there. You need to be a bold surfer to handle both the waves and the wildlife of the Australian coast. And those surfers should sport their courage like a badge of honor even when they’re suited up. A perfect way to do that is with Jan’s Enamel Circling Shark Cufflinks, available in grey or blue. And much like with crocodile designs, Jan has an entire line of shark cufflinks including moving shark jaws and shark teeth.


One of the World’s Most Stunning Coral Reefs

Tropical Fish CufflinksAustralia is home to the Great Barrier Reef, home to thousands of tropical fish breeds and some of the most vibrant and astounding coral anywhere on the globe. While we were tempted to pay tribute to this Australian landmark by featuring Jan’s vibrant Red Coral Button Cufflinks, we couldn’t resist the urge to instead select a cufflink design that played into the tropical colors of the thousands of fish who make their home in the reef. Jan’s Blue Tropical Fish Cufflinks could easily be two of a school of fish swimming happily through the garden of the reef. And if you’re ordering these cufflinks for the man in your life, we strongly recommend doubling them up with a donation in his name to an organization that fights climate change and ocean acidification so that we can preserve this stunning feat of nature.


The Shades of the Outback

Tiger's Eye CufflinksAustralia isn’t all oceans and coastal beauty however. A huge swath, in fact the majority of the nation, is desert outback. We thought that the perfect way to incorporate the visual of the vastness and warm tones of the Aussie outback into our merchandise collection was to feature these warm tone, multi-faceted Tiger’s Eye curved cufflinks that inspire memories of rock formations, rich sunlight and deeply colored sand. We’re guessing that most people haven’t experienced the outback, but the true Aussie will have and these cufflinks will remind him of the definitive landscape of his homeland.





Photo Credit: Hai Linh Truong via Flickr

Happy Australia Day! Down Under Accessories for Him.
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Happy Australia Day! Down Under Accessories for Him.
For National Australia Day, we’ve curated four of our favorite cufflink designs that inspire memories of the landscapes and signature icons from Down Under.