Five Ways for the Stylish Man to De-Stress at Tax Time

Five Ways for the Stylish Man to De-Stress at Tax Time

At Jan Leslie, we’re all about the stylish man. And stress is never, ever a well-styled look. Few times of the year are more stressful than the final days of tax season. Unless you are one of the superior ones who gets your taxes done in January before there’s any chance at all the you may have to surrender the first days of spring weather to sitting in front of a screen and doing your taxes, chances are high that your stress level is also high as the April deadline approaches. To keep him looking and feeling calm, cool and collected, we offering up our best tips for relieving stress this tax season.

Take a Break and Go Golfing

Of course, if golfing isn’t your thing then we’re recommending whatever physical activity relieves stress for you. From a day in the weight racks at the gym to a pick-up basketball game with your equally stressed tax delinquent friends, physical exercise is always a great stress reducer. Of course, golf has the additional benefit of getting you out for fresh air and it’s one of the few sports where you can enjoy a cool adult beverage while playing. Just don’t let your score add more stress to your life!

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Spa Day Isn’t Just For Women

A massage is always a great way to relieve stress – whether it’s at a spa or given by a loved one. But pampering relaxation doesn’t have to stop at the massage. Facials, manicures, pedicures and even skin treatments can all be equally relaxing. Don’t think of spa time as something women do. All you’re doing if you think like that is denying yourself one of the best ways to relax from tax season. A quick trip to your local Reddit page will certainly reveal what the best spas for men’s treatments in your area are.

Tinker With Something!

Working with your hands and the tiny details of things that need to be tinkered with is a great way to clear your mind. In fact, while you’re doing it, you may even think of a deduction that you missed the first time through your taxes. What should you tinker with? Your car. A puzzle. Clocks or watches. If it can be tinkered with, consider it fair game!

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Get Outside in the Fresh Air

Spending too much time indoors, especially with small sheets of numbers in front of you, is never good for anybody. And the risk as your tax deadline approaches is certainly that you’ll spend too much time stuffed in a room with your tax software (or even worse, a ledger) glued to your eyeballs. Even if it’s only for five minutes every two hours or so, get up and go outside for some fresh air. You’ll feel better – and your overall health will be better, too.

Retail Therapy! Our Favorite Way to De-Stress!

Of course, we’re going to say that retail therapy is a great way to de-stress (as long as you have a refund coming). We know that it’s not entirely healthy to train your mind to enjoy an endorphin rush from the act of purchasing, but sometimes you just can’t help it. And after looking at how much money you gave your government, you’ll want to make sure to spend some on yourself to feel better!

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Five Ways for the Stylish Man to De-Stress at Tax Time
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Five Ways for the Stylish Man to De-Stress at Tax Time
If he's stressed at tax time, we have five tips for the stylish male to de-stress and treat himself. See more on the Jan Leslie blog.