Cufflinks for Her: Adding Some Unexpected Style to Her Cuffed Shirts

Cufflinks for Her: Adding Some Unexpected Style to Her Cuffed Shirts

When you think of cufflinks, the default state of mind is cufflinks for men. But some of the most stylish women we know are wise enough to understand that using a traditionally male accessory on their cuffs can result in a look that combines “strong woman” with “impeccable sense of style.” Today, we’re taking a look at some of our favorite cufflink styles to accent a woman’s cuffs, be it as part of a business suit look or as a bold after-five accent.

Look One: Flower Power. Feminine Meets Bold.

Blue Flowered Women's CufflinksWe certainly don’t want you to think that we think of women as wilting, fragile flowers, but we do think that the added femininity of a flower-patterned cufflink can make a look for her that’s bold, unique and still with the idea of all things female. Add in rich colors and her cufflinks are a power statement that’s definitively still all woman.

Our Pick: Jan Leslie Royal Blue Art Deco Flower Cufflinks

This royal blue, geometrically-inclined flower cuff link is a staff favorite from Jan’s latest design collection. Intricately detailed, it’s a statement accent piece for suited-up or after five occasions. Crafted in 925 sterling silver with an anti-tarnish rhodium finish, these cufflinks are hand-painted in royal blue shades of enamel for depth and effect.


Look Two: Chunky Gemstones. Jewelry On Her Cuffs.

Chunky Gemstone Women's CufflinksSome women just look better in big jewelry. It matches their personality (and their power) a little better. If she’s the type of woman who looks incomplete without a big necklace and a big bracelet, then chunky gemstone cufflinks are an ideal way to accent her cuffs. Think big earrings but on her sleeves. In addition to making a personality statement, chunky gemstones are also simply a great looking accessory piece.

Our Pick: Jan Leslie Floating Gemstone Cufflinks

Whichever way off-center he tilts, these floating gemstone cufflinks are the perfect way to embrace being asymmetrical while also looking effortlessly sophisticated. A sterling silver abstract shaped cufflink base features a floating gemstone in the center of either pale white mother-of-pearl or neutral grey mother-of-pearl.


Look Three: Think Pink. Put a New Spin on Girly.

Pink Enamel Women's CufflinksThe modern woman can wear whatever color she wants and look amazing, but we think that there’s something fun, ironic and completely unexpected about pairing the traditional tutu color with a bold, masculine accessory like cufflinks. From patterned pastels to deep pink enamels, a pink cufflinks says that she’s nontraditional but not afraid of her girlie side.

Our Pick: Jan Leslie English Enamel Sunburst Cufflinks in Pink

Style doesn’t need to be black, grey and urban. It can be optimistic and uplifting, too. These vibrant English Enamel cuff links were designed with the man who sings to himself in the elevator each morning in mind. Crafted in 925 sterling silver with an anti-tarnish rhodium finish, these cufflinks are available in a variety of colors.


Look Four: Vintage Chic. She’s Modern and Classic.

Vintage Style Women's CufflinksIf her style is slightly boho-chic or she’s a bit of a romantic free-spirit beneath her business suit, then combining a vintage inspired style with bold cufflinks is a perfect look for her. The choice of cufflinks says that she’s thoroughly modern. The vintage inspired touches say that she’s got a sentimental side that appreciates the classics. Together, it’s a completely desirable look.

Our Pick: Jan Leslie Watch Movement Cufflinks

Precision. Pacing. The beauty of math and engineering. The Old World feel of a clock that tells time with gears instead of digital numbers flashing into the darkness. All of these moments and emotions are captured in these silver cufflinks crafted like the internal workings of a watch.


Look Five:  The Other Irony. The Uber Masculine Cufflink.

Masculine Ironic Women's CufflinksJust like we think that the irony of a pretty pink color paired with a masculine cufflink is a great look for her, we also think that the other irony is a win. Pair an uber masculine cufflink with a fitted, feminine shirt to show off her curves while reminding everybody in the room that she’s got a tomboy heart. Ironic, sexy and more than a little bit intriguing.

Our Pick: Jan Leslie Carved Tire Cufflinks with Carnelian Stone

For the lover of race car driving or just for the man who likes to go fast and win, these highly detailed cuff links are the perfect accent piece. Crafted in 925 sterling silver with an anti-tarnish rhodium finish, these cufflinks feature red carnelian stone detail and black carved tires.



Photo Credit: AnnieAnniePancake via Flickr

Cufflinks for Her: Adding Unexpected Style
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Cufflinks for Her: Adding Unexpected Style
When she accessorizes with a pair of cufflinks, the style is truly powerful and unique. See our favorite looks for cufflinks for the women of the world.