Jan’s Gift Guide: Holiday Staff Picks

What is the Jan Leslie staff giving for the holidays this year? We collected our staff’s favorite designs and asked them why they’re including them in their holiday gifts for loved ones and professional contacts. At the end of the day, we think the list is an ideal way to find that “go-to” cufflink gift.

The Pick: Silver Engravable Oval Cufflinks

Silver Engravable CufflinksWhy We Love It: Nothing says “I love you” more than actually saying “I love you.” These sterling silver, classically shaped cufflinks can be engraved with any message you want the recipient to have with them daily. Important dates, love notes, children’s names (or pet’s names) or favorite quotes. A detailed rope design around the edges make these engravable cufflinks truly unique, just like the recipient.

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The Pick: Sterling Silver Photo Locket Cufflinks

Photo Locket CufflinksWhy We Love It: A picture is worth a thousand words, so use images instead of engraving to share your love with your gift recipient. Pictures of you, pictures of children, pictures of that magic beach where the two of you vacationed recently. Whatever image you know will make him happy to catch a glimpse of out of the corner of his eye from its position on his cuffs, that’s the right gift to give him. These cufflinks are a holiday best seller, and that’s not at all surprising.

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The Pick: Ship in a Bottle Cufflinks

Ship in a Bottle CufflinksWhy We Love It: These cufflinks were one of our biggest sellers this year, and with good reason. The minute detail that goes into building an actual ship in a bottle is only enhanced when then end result is actually a miniature sterling silver model inside of a cufflink bottle. These cufflinks are, quite frankly, magical and we think that they’re an absolutely perfect gift for any man who keeps the magic in his life – or is working very hard to bring the magic back.

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The Pick: Stag’s Head Cufflinks

Stag's Head CufflinksWhy We Love It: We think that Jan’s At the Lodge collection is always perfect for a winter holiday gift as it inspired the holiday-like feelings of warmth and camaraderie that are associated with old world hunting lodges (not to mention gigantic glasses of rich red wine). The most popular At the Lodge style, and one that’s perfect for the big buck in your circle, is the sterling silver stag’s head design. We love it as a gift – and as a style choice.

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The Pick: Tiger and Flame Cufflinks

Tiger CufflinksWhy We Love It: This is undeniably both a staff and a customer favorite from Jan’s collection of new styles. Every time that we look at it we feel the first strains of “Eye of the Tiger” starting to form in the back of our brain. The unmistakable detail  of a signature Jan Leslie design combines with a perfect cufflink for any man who’s truly got the spirit of adventure. Perfect for the man who sees like as one one giant fire hoop and himself as exactly the tiger who was born to jump through it.

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The Pick: English Enamel Soft Square Cufflinks

English Enamel CufflinksWhy We Love It: This season, Jan introduced a new, updated line of English enamel cufflinks in bold, vibrant colors. The soft square design is our favorite of the new English enamel looks because it combines a modernized shape with vibrant colors that range from bright yellow to seasonally on-trend deep grey. The entire collection of English enamel cufflinks are ideal gifts for men who live outside the box of black and white and love bright colors, but we think that this design is extra special.

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The Pick: Owl Cufflinks with Cool Sunglasses

Owl CufflinksWhy We Love It: Owls have been on-trend all season, and these highly detailed cufflinks take the owl craze to a new, fun-loving level.  Each sterling silver owl has a gemstone mother-of-pearl inlaid body and comes complete with too-cool-for-school sunglasses. These cufflinks are truly among the most unique that we’ve ever seen and are perfect for the “cool night owl” in your life. Who wears his sunglasses at night? The owls. Because they can pull of any look and still be on-trend.

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The Pick: Moving Rivet T-Rex Dinosaur Cufflinks

S1437_largeWhy We Love It: This was the ultimate staff favorite from Jan’s 2012 design collection. Did you know that according to Urban Dictionary RAWR actually means “I love you” in dino-speak? That’s how you’ll feel about these moving rivet T-Rex cuff links. We promise. It’s also an ideal message to send via a holiday gift to the man who makes you go RAWR in your own life. The intricate moving parts in this cufflink are not only a fun daytime distraction, they’re a perfect after-five conversation starter.

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The Pick: Signature Bee Necktie

Bee NecktieWhy We Love It: This year Jan introduces her collection of signature neckties. Each necktie features pigmented colors with subtle patterning that, when examined closely, reveals intricately integrated versions of Jan’s signature icons. The bee tie reminds you to get busy, and helps you stay busy! Available in two different color combinations, it’s the perfect gift for the busy bee (or the not-so-busy bee who needs some prodding) in your life. If you’re looking for a truly unique holiday tie gift, Jan’s ties are your gift solution.

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 The Pick: Brass Lucky Frog Collar Stays

Collar StaysWhy We Love It: Jan’s popular customized collar stays are always a unique and well-received gift. We love these lucky frog collar stays because they also send the gift recipient well wishes into the New Year. After all, we could all use a little extra luck. It doesn’t hurt to manifest it while also giving him a competitive style edge with perfectly crisp collars.  A nice, stiff collar will assuredly help him on his quest to get lucky in life (and love).

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