Jan’s Gift Guide: Cufflink Gifts by Recipient

The best way to purchase a holiday gift, always, is to think about what type of person or what interests your recipient has and then to select the hands-down ideal gift for him. The design team at Jan Leslie sat down and talked about all of the men in their lives and how to describe them. Then, we put together this hand-curated list of our staff selections for the ideal gifts for these men. Don’t agree with us? We’ve also given you suggestions for where else to explore in the Jan Leslie collection to find the perfect, and we mean perfect, gift for your favorite man (even if that means yourself.)

The GQ Subscriber

Who He Is: He’s a man of slick, urban style who isn’t ashamed to say that he reads the men’s fashion sections, owns more than one bottle of cologne and cares about his grooming as much as he cares about his career. He not only always looks put together, he looks on-trend.

Gunmetal CufflinksOur Pick: Open Cut Gunmetal Rectangular Cufflinks

Unapologetically modern, gunmetal is the slickest color on the scene these days and absolutely what the urban-styled man is wearing. The geometric lines and smooth edges of these cufflinks transition them from suited-up powerful to after-five smooth seamlessly.

Where Else to Look: The GQ Subscriber swoons for Jan’s Classics With a Twist collection.



The Hipster

Who He Is:  He may be trying to fool you into thinking he’s not paying attention with his skinny jeans and ironic t-shirts, but the urban hipster knows his style points. He also likes a bit of whimsy with his fashion. It’s a new era, and that era turns casual on its head.

Mustache CufflinksOur Pick: Sterling Silver Mustache Cufflinks

You don’t need to be a hipster or even wear skinny jeans to appreciate a fine, classic mustache, but it’s true that hipsters embrace the extra facial hair a little more than the rest of us. Consider pairing these cufflinks with our matching mustache tie bar for the ultimate hipster accessory set.

Where Else to Look: Hipsters love ironic whimsy, so browse our fun and whimsical cufflinks.




The Car Enthusiast

Who He Is: He spends as much time tuning up his engine as he does tuning up his style – and both are cherry. He’s that guy who prefers Formula One to NASCAR, but that doesn’t mean he won’t watch any car that goes fast, though he prefers to simply drive them fast.

Sports Car CufflinksOur Pick: Sports Car Steering Wheel Cufflinks

It’s no driving gloves required (though they’re always a sexy accessory for him) with our newest sleek covered sports car steering wheel cufflinks. Cast in sterling silver and available in your choice of genuine wood covers or sleek, shiny black onyx covers. He can wear them driving – or wear them to remind him of the open road when he’s suited up.

Where Else to Look: Jan has an entire collection of fast car cufflinks. You’ll find the perfect one.



The Irishman

Who He Is: He points out that his birthright is Guinness and Jameson almost as quickly as he suggest that the right engagement ring for her is a Claddagh instead of a diamond. His real Christmas is St. Patrick’s Day and he’d rather go to Dublin than Vegas. Sure, he was probably born right down the street from you in America, but the Irish are serious about their heritage.

Four Leaf Clover CufflinksOur Pick: Blue Lapis Four Leaf Clover Cufflinks

Carry your luck on your sleeve but leave the green at home with these modern four-leaf clover cuff links that feature silver hardware and blue lapis gemstone. A perfect way to combine traditional luck with a more modern design. 

Where Else to Look: If your Irishman simply must have green, browse our complete collection of green cufflinks.



The Sports Enthusiast (ie: Nut)

Who He Is: Do not disturb him on Sunday. Or Monday or Thursday night. Sunday afternoons are out – after all, golf is on. Hockey season and baseball season both still feel too short to him. Women’s tennis? He loves it. Curling? You just need to understand the rules. If it’s a sport, he’s watching it. On the largest screen possible.Basketball Hoop Cufflinks

Our Pick: Basketball and Hoop Cufflinks

The madness may be in March, but holiday season is the official heat-up point of both college and professional basketball. Sure, a football game in a blizzard is amazing, but who’s ready for some hoops? If the answer is him, then these new and detailed basketball cufflinks are an ideal gift.

Where Else to Look: Jan’s designed a cufflink for every sport imaginable. Browse our entire collection of sports themed cufflinks.



The Type-A Hyperdriver

Who He Is: 24-hours is not enough time in the day for this man to achieve all of his goals, but that’s because his goals are so aggressive. He’ll do whatever it takes, push as hard as he needs or stay up as late as is required to get to where he wants to be. Failure is not an option, and neither is mediocrity.  

Turtle Lapel PinOur Pick: Gemstone Turtle Lapel Pin

Nobody needs a daily reminder to slow down and show some patience more than the Type-A over-achiever. We’ve taken our popular turtle cuff links, set the shell in a soothing sheen of mother-of-pearl and converted the entire look into an understated yet meaningful lapel pin.

Where Else to Look: There’s no doubt that he spends a lot of time at the office. The best place to find a gift for him? In our curated collection of business cufflinks.



The World’s Best Father and Husband

Who He Is: His family comes first and he’s truly the rooster to her (sexy) mother hen. Friends and family describe him as reliable, responsible and always there when they need him. Of course, nobody understands that better than his own family. Nothing means more to him during the holidays than spending time at home, and you want to reward that.   

Rooster CufflinksOur Pick: Gemstone Rooster Cufflinks

Give the rooster in your henhouse the ultimate gift of style with these detailed, staff-favorite rooster cufflinks. Then, give him an excuse to wear them by taking him out for an extra special evening on the town. Just because he loves his family, it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t deserve some luxury, too.

Where Else to Look: What animal really represents the man of your house? Find it and gift it in our collection of animal cufflinks.



The Ivy League Grad

Who He Is: Whether he just finished his degree or whether he proudly wears his alma mater’s emblem on him wherever he goes, there’s a distinct style to the Ivy League grad. Somehow he always feels like autumn leaves when the weather’s cooler or boating outings when it warms up. You don’t know how he does it, but he’s Ivy League in more ways than a degree.

Button CufflinksOur Pick: Gemstone Button Cufflinks

Stylish cuff links with a touch of high-fashion ivy league. These links combine traditional gemstones with the added detail of a button lacing in the center. Choose from four different gemstone shades including red carnelian, blue lapis, white mother-of-pearl and black onyx.

Where Else to Look: Classic style deserves classic accessories. Browse Jan’s collection of Classics with a Twist.



The Eternal Hippie

Who He Is: He may have given up the VW van and the long, unwashed hair, but his free-spirited and peaceful nature remains. In fact, it may remain even though he’s working on Wall Street. Just because he’s adopted a suit and tie and showers regularly now, it doesn’t mean that the beliefs and passions of his peace and love inner core have disappeared.  

Ying Yang CufflinksOur Pick: Gemstone Abstract Ying Yang Cufflinks

The balance of life. These detailed cuff links take the life lesson of the ying yang and combine it with earthy gemstone inlays for an accent piece that’s calming and intricate. It’s the ideal way to merge hippie sensibilities with everyday style.

Where Else to Look: Keep it earthy. Search for the ideal gift for the eternal hippie among Jan’s collection of gemstone cufflinks.



The Alpha Shark

Who He Is: He’s the one to look out for, and we mean everywhere. At the office, on the squash court, in the bar at singles hour. He’s constantly circling his prey and waiting for a moment to come in for the kill – or the perfectly delivered pickup line. If he loves you, he’s a fierce defender. If he doesn’t love you, well, keep your distance.   

Shark Jaw CufflinksOur Pick: Moving Shark Jaw Cufflinks

Make sure he gives fair warning by showing his inner nature on his sleeve. The newest addition to Jan’s collection of shark-themed cufflinks is all bite, just like him. Set in sterling silver and available in either blue or grey, these moving cufflinks aren’t just alpha, they’re big time alpha. Now, the bite doesn’t have to be just metaphorical.

Where Else to Look: Maybe he’s more of a scorpion than a shark? Find the right emblem in Jan’s collection of animal cufflinks.


The Forever Rebel

Who He Is: Weekend warrior. Motorcycle road trips to Vegas. He still likes his liquor in a shot glass, his music loud and his engines even louder. Even if he’s settled into a job and a family routine, he still likes to occasionally stick it to the man. Once a rebel spirit, always a rebel. When you’re not looking, he’s figuring out a way to take from the rich and give to the poor.

Skull CufflinksOur Pick: Skull Cufflinks

Let his inner bad boy peek out just a bit even when he’s suited up. These hand-painted enamel skull are hand-made in New York City, the capital or rebels. It can stay a secret that he’s a bad boy on the inside. Only you, him and his cuffs need to know.

Where Else to Look: Jan knows that boys like their toys, and the Forever Rebel likes them more than most. Find his gift in Jan’s Boy’s Toys collection.


The Zen Philosopher

Who He Is: Nothing rattles him. Nothing. There’s no amount of work stress he can’t breathe his way through. No bad news day does more then send a ripple through his mind. He does yoga and meditates separately.  He may have majored in business, but he minored in philosophy and isn’t afraid to tell you about it – often.

Koi Fish CufflinksOur Pick: Gemstone Koi Fish Cufflinks

Many have meditated on the Koi fish in a pond and concentrated on it as a symbol of luck and aspiration. In this case, the koi fish also a stunningly detailed accessory with intricate blue scales and a jet-black enamel eye.

Where Else to Look: There are many calm and peaceful animals in the wild, natural kingdom. Find the right totem for your philosopher in Jan’s collection of animal cufflinks.



The Ladies’ Man

Who He Is: He didn’t need to read The Players Handbook because he’s already got game.  He’s a little bit George Clooney and a little bit Justin Bieber (the new Bieber, not the old one!). He’s not ready for marriage, and he’ll let you know that right up front. He loves the ladies, and he loves looking sharp for them. You know what he loves a little more? Attention.

Chick Magnet CufflinksOur Pick: Chick Magnet Cufflinks

Take his special talent for always getting the ladies literally with these whimsical cufflinks from the spring/summer 2014 Jan Leslie collection. They’re an ideal gift for any man who can’t resist the ladies … and the ladies can’t resist him. We all have one of these guys in our social circle. Get him these cufflinks so that the ladies can spot him coming.

Where Else to Look: Collar stays are perfect for the ladies’ man.  Choose from any of Jan’s whimsical and slightly cheeky line of collar stays in various finishes.



The Golf Addict

Who He Is: Saturday is for playing and Sunday is for watching. And Monday through Friday is for hitting the driving range. Somewhere in there, he finds time to research ways to improve his swing on the internet. You sometimes refer to yourself as a golf-widow, but if it results in a Florida house near a course you may end up being okay with that!

Golf Spinner CufflinksOur Pick: Work or Golf Spinning Cufflinks

Of course, the answer is obvious, but if he needs an extra nudge to convince himself to ditch the suit, the desk and the office and hit the greens – these cuff links are the answer. Of course, it’s possible that’s not the message that you want to be sending, but remember, it’s about the gift recipient!

Where Else to Look: Only have one golf cufflink design? Never! Find the perfect accessory for your golf addict in Jan’s complete collection of golf cufflinks.



The Best Dressed Award Winner

Who He Is: He was the kid in the year book picture for best dressed, and that’s never changed about him. If it’s casual, his sweater is Ted Baker. If it’s formal, he’s repertoire is unlimited. He’s happy to talk with you about when a red tie is best and he’s got as many shoes as his lady friends do. Other women wish that their man dressed as well as he does. Shopping? That’s not a bad day out in his book.

Marcasite Tartan CufflinksOur Pick: Marcasite Tartan Cufflinks

Absolutely our favorite look from our fall/winter 2014 collection. These sleek sterling silver rectangular cufflinks have a tartan plaid pattern that’s set in marcasite stone. They absolutely stand out (in the good way) in both the board room and the martini bar. Already a style favorite, they’ll complete any man’s look.

Where Else to Look: Best-dressed men always have the newest looks, so choose from our most recently released styles. 



The Wall Street Power Player

Who He Is: Bear market. Bull market. Any market. He thrives on the speed of the game and the ability to win. He knows who’s about to go short and what the futures you want to invest in are. Sure, he’s seen the Wall Street movies. He wants you to know that it’s even more intense than that. He wakes up every day at 6:00am for a Red Bull and the early hour on CNBC. And that’s his favorite time of the day.  

Wall Street NecktieOur Pick: Signature Bull and Bear Necktie

Featuring pigmented colors with subtle patterning that reveals intricately designed bulls and bears in the detailing, Jan’s signature bull and bear tie is a must have or any man who controls the markets. A fashion statement that’s also a statement of who he is.

Where Else to Look: Everybody on Wall Street needs ties – and lots of them. Give him the most unique ties available this holiday with a selection from Jan’s collection of signature neckties.



The Dapper Dan

Who He Is: He likes a classic cocktail, a vintage car and actual paper books that smell like books. He’s got a style that some would call “throwback” but we just like to think of as “dapper.” iPad tablets and treadmills with heart monitors aren’t for him. Give him a holiday Dickens novel and a walk through a park. He’ll be wearing his best tweed jacket and an old style hat while he enjoys both.   

Sterling Silver Tie BarOur Pick: Brushed Sterling Silver Tie Bar

What’s a more classic accessory than an understated tie bar? We think that not much compares. This brushed sterling silver tie bar has a slightly deconstructed feel that will accent his vintage vibe perfectly.

Where Else to Look: Consider more tie bars. They’re the perfect unobtrusive accessory for a man who wants to be put together without feeling “done up.”