Perfect Cuff Links for a New England Fall

“What New England is, is a state of mind, a place where dry humor and perpetual disappointment blend to produce an ironic pessimism that folks from away find most perplexing” Willem Lange

New England Style

Autumn is in the air. It’s crisp and cool outside. Hot cider and pumpkin ales are on everybody’s bar tab and peak leaf season is in its splendor. Whether you’re a New England native enjoying the Northeast’s finest season or whether you’ve departed the beloved upper tip of America for other (and most likely warmer) destinations and are feeling a sense of nostalgia, these cuff link designs from Jan Leslie are ideal for capturing the sensation of New England in the fall.


Lobster CufflinksMoving Lobster Cuff Links or Mother-of-Pearl Lobster Claw Cuff Links

There’s nothing that New England natives, tourists and expats can all agree on more than the deliciousness of a fresh lobster from the New England coast. There’s also nothing more iconic that you can wear when suited up than these detailed and distinctive lobster cuff link designs from Jan Leslie. Choose from the deeper red and painstakingly detailed moving lobster body or create an earthier accent with lobster claws crafted from a mother-of-pearl inlay. Wear them on the yacht, at the club or to work to remind yourself of the benefits of a home near the cape.


Out on the Water

Autumn marks the end of the boating season in New England, which means that it’s the ideal time to celebrate your favorite relaxing pastime with Jan’s enamel sailboat cufflinks. The calming blue color will remind you of the water even when there are eight inches of snow on the ground.


Fox Cuff LinksHunting Lodge Inspired Cuff Links

Autumn means hunting season on the East Coast. Tradition, sport and days both in the outdoors and at the hunting lodge mark the turn of the season. Jan Leslie created an entire collection of cufflinks inspired by the sights of a hunting lodge. From a fox and duck to a stag to more exotic forms of game, be seasonal and stylish with these cufflinks with an old-world feel.




New England Residence. Red Sox Nation.

If you’re living in or were born in New England, then you are a member of the Red Sox nation for life. Especially as baseball season winds to a finish in October, sport your Sox pride on your sleeve with classic baseball cuff links in a traditional mitt and ball design.

Ivy League CufflinksIvy League Style.

New England is synonymous with Ivy League Style. Especially as the leaves begin to fall, classic tie clips and button style cufflinks are a perfect way to complete a put-together on-campus look. That’s true even if you’re no longer on campus and simply trying to make your alma mater proud. Get out your ties and pocket squares and complete the look with a well-tailored jacket and some quintessential cuff links.


Autumn Colors. Classic Trends.

During the autumn months, you’re always in style if you’re wearing the classic fall colors. Burnt oranges, all shades of browns and rich, deep yellows are the colors of the season. Whether you incorporate them with scarves, shirts, ties or cuff links, warmer colors are an essential for the man of style.


In New England, fall is a magical time. Make sure to complement the seasonal change with corresponding changes in your style.