Celebrating the Last Days Of Summer: Our Picks

Ideas for Celebrating the Last Days of Summer

We know that technically summer doesn’t end for over a month. However, we all know that the reality of the situation is that once back-to-school season begins and schedules become more stressful, it feels like summer is over. And that day is fast approaching (if it hasn’t already for you). We wanted to ease you in to some advice on how to celebrate the last days of summer (our definition of summer) in both comfort and style. After all, if you survived last winter’s polar vortex then you already know how crushing winter can be!

Idea Number One: Get Out on the Water

Depending on where you live, this can mean an entire range of ideas from a day of boating to a day at the beach to a day at the pool club to a sprinkler party in your back yard. It almost doesn’t matter, because what we know for sure is that playing in or on the water is an essential summer activity that can’t be replicated once the weather gets colder. That means that you should soak up (no pun intended) every opportunity to make sure that you get your water fix in now before it turns to an empty pool or a sheet of ice.

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Idea Number Two: Eat Outside As Much as Possible

Eating al fresco is one of the great joys of warmer seasons. We like to actually stretch it out to spring and fall as well! But it won’t be long before both the weather and hectic schedules mean that this option goes “in a box” for the colder seasons. If you’re headed to a restaurant, choose a table outside. Eating at home? Opt for the patio instead of your dining room. Of course, the best option is to go all out and plan a picnic for you and your favorite other person. Picnic season is fairly short, but it is oh-so-sweet. Soak it up!

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Idea Number Three: Go to a Drive In

We know that they’re getting pretty rare, but in most parts of the country you can still find a classic drive-in movie theater in operation somewhere within driving distance. Not only is this the ultimate classic summer experience, but it’s also something that you can turn into a stunningly romantic evening. Skip the six pack of beer or smuggled booze from when you were a teenager and opt for a nice bottle of wine and some extra snuggly blankets. Roll down the windows and enjoy a summer breeze, a good movie and some snuggle time.

Idea Number Four: Take a Mini-Vacation Over the Weekend

Is there anything we all associate with summer more than travel and vacations? Summer is the time when we hit the road and explore new places. There’s still time to get one last summer vacation in! It may only be a weekend, but pick some place that screams “We’re on summer vacation!” and steal a little getaway. It may be a lake, a beach (if it’s close) or just a nice boutique hotel with an outdoor patio in your home city. The key is to keep it close by (no more than half a day’s drive) so that you truly feel relaxed for your weekend vacation. You have enough stress coming up when fall hits, trust us.

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Idea Number Five:  Sunbathe, sunbathe, sunbathe.

Before we go any further, we want to remind you to put on sunscreen! There is no good time in the sun that isn’t protected time in the sun. But sun in many parts of the country is about to be in short supply when winter hits. Take your opportunity now to hit some lounger chairs, a blanket or even a park bench and get your Vitamin D fix. It may seem like the least high maintenance way to celebrate the end of summer, but we bet it’s the one you’ll remember the most later.


Photo Credit: Hagens_world via Flickr