The Need for Speed: Car Cuff Links that Inspire Action

“I spent a lot of money on booze, birds and fast cars. The rest I just squandered.” George Best

Car Cufflinks

Do you spend all weekend under a hood, getting greasy and then driving your baby (by which we mean your car) just so that you can do the same thing the next weekend? Man’s love of his machines is an intimate relationship that we respect.  It’s also an ideal passion to capture in your personal style. Today, we’re featuring our favorite picks if you want to sport your love of the exhaust pipe whenever you’re suited-up or out at a black-tie event.


The Sports Car

Red Car CufflinksWhether it’s a fast Italian sport car streaking down the side of a cliff-side mountain or a west coast style convertible that you ride with the top down, windows down, ocean air on your face, we understand why you love your sports car. The speed, the power, the control … all at the same time that you get to feel just a little bit out of control. Not only do Jan’s sports car and convertible cuff links feature amazing hand-painted detail,  they also look absolutely on-point with a pair of driving gloves.



Race Car CufflinksThe Race Car

If everyday sports cars aren’t enough for you, then you’re a race car at heart. You go fast at everything you do and to everywhere you go. You may be suited-up during the week, but there’s nothing to keep you from the party circuit of the grand prix or even the throw-down, no boundaries party of the parking lot before a NASCAR event. Keep the party going on the down-low all week long with Jan’s Formula One Race Car cuff links. In fact, you can show off your need for speed when you’re in your tuxedo as well. These race car cuff links also come as a matching tuxedo stud set.

The Motorcycle

What’s even more dare devil than a sports car or a race car? Of course it’s a motorcycle. We admit it. In the pantheon of things that make a woman’s heart beat a little faster, a man with a motorcycle is way up there. Not only are Jan’s bold red and silver motorcycle cuff links sleek in style, but they’ve also got moving wheels for the ultimate detail. You like fast things. We like fast style. These cuff links were designed with you in mind.


Tire CufflinksOur Favorite Car Cuff Link: The Carnelian Stone Accent Tire

We love all of our “go fast” cuff links, but the staff pick for the most stylish car-inspired cuff link is Jan’s carved black tire cuff link with an amazing red carnelian stone accent in the middle. This cuff link embraces your love of the hum of a motor while also staying understated. Perfect for the work day, the evening or any time you want to complete your look with a bold move.

What’s your speed? Browse all of Jan’s car and car-inspired cuff links and get your gears set.