A Bear of a Style Choice: Our Favorite Looks for Bear-Inspired Cuff Links

“Always respect Mother Nature. Especially when she weighs 400 pounds and is guarding her baby.”  James Rollins, Ice Hunt

Jan Leslie Bear Cufflinks

Are you a bear of a man? If so, what kind of bear are you? The snuggly and lovable type or the fierce type that scares Stephen Colbert so deeply? Bears are an iconic personality and style icon, and today we’ve got advice on the perfect bear cuff links to highlight your unique look and inner bear type!


The Teddy Bear of a Man Should Have Matching Cuff Links

You give big hugs and bigger tips. You’re generous (probably to a fault) and, to you, family and friends mean absolutely everything. When people say what a big teddy bear you are to your face, you take it as the greatest compliment that you could receive. You like warm couches in the winter and a good picnic when the weather is nice. You’re a teddy bear and a sweetheart, and we want to get to know you better!


Our Pick: Dancing Fred Astaire Teddy Bear Cuff Links

Dancing Bear CufflinksThese sterling silver and enamel cuff links are for the dressed up bear (though that doesn’t mean that you can’t wear them every day). Abundantly joyful, they add a happy yet detailed finish any time you need to put on a dress shirt or tuxedo.


When You Say Bear, You Mean Bear.

You are fierce, protective and a little bit of a loner. Sure, you will do anything to protect your pack and your cub, but that could mean bearing your teeth and ripping into a trespasser. You like a good hibernation, but when you’re awake it’s game on. Your den is your den. And nobody makes the mistake of coming into your den uninvited.

Polar Bear CufflinksOur Pick: Sterling Silver and Enamel Polar Bear Cuff Links

Grizzlies are fierce but polar bears have style. That’s why these cuff links are perfect for you. Painstaking hand-painted enamel detail in cool white colors are a majestic warning that you are like the sleeping bear. Don’t poke at you.


Some Days a Bear. Some Days a Bull.

A special breed of bear lives in the land of Wall Street. He’s a magical beast who can switch from charging bull to sleeping bear, but in either form he’s a force to be reckoned with.  He’s a provider with a great grooming habit. Underneath that suit is a creature of the wilds.


Our Pick: Sterling Silver Bull and Bear Cuff Links

Wall Street Bear CufflinksCapture the essence of all things Wall Street, including your bear side, with these cuff links that are hand-crafted right in New York City. It’s like the spirit of Wall Street is imbued in them.


What’s your bear style? Browse all of Jan’s bear-inspired cuff links and find the look for you.